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America's Next Top Model recap
Did you miss the cattiness on America's Next Top Model last week? I sure did. Well--good news--it's back! Tyra, with plus-size model Kate Dillon and a nutritionist, paid the girls a visit to talk about body image and nutrition. Cassie asked for a private consultation, then flipped out when they suggested that maybe she should see a professional to talk about her eating issues (i.e. barfing). Cassie then flipped out again after Ann carved "Clean up your shit" in her low-carb brownies. Cassie is obviously a slob in the kitchen, but that was asking for trouble on Ann's part, in my opinion. Yaya then stepped into the bitch fray by wearing a T-shirt that said "respect" in Portugese and getting all high and mighty in telling the girls they need to respect each other, etc. The next day, in the most ridiculous segment thus far, the girls attended a "boot camp" where they were supposed to be building "determination", and while Ann went into her athelete mode (as opposed to her model mode, where she looks like a dead fish), Cassie wasn't havin' it, and she just sat on the ground...much like a dead fish. The girls then had to run up 14 flights of stairs and have a surprise photo shoot at the top. Again, would this happen in real life? Um, no. Yaya won the challenge (beating jock Ann), and she and Toccara got spa treatments while the other girls got to walk home. The big photo shoot of the episode involved more horrible makeup and clothing (are they ever going to make the girls look like actual models, or just freak shows?) and jumping on a trampoline. Yaya tried to repress her inner dancer and ended up with terrible photos; Amanda kicked ass, then Yaya acted like a big baby, showing that she, too, can do cool poses on a trampoline. Yaya is falling a couple of notches, by the way, on my cool scale. At the eliminations, the final three were Cassie, Ann, and Kelle; as I predicted last week, Kelle got the inevitable boot. I'm guessing Cassie is next: She has this weird eating disorder thing, she has a bad attitude (lack of carbs will do that to a person), and she majorly dissed NYC, which is so not cool.

Next week: The girls get frisky in a hot tub (what is it about hot tubs?) and meet some NYC designers on go-sees. And Toccara's rack appears to be a problem again...
Daily digest
WWD: L.A. Fashion Week reviews of Kate O'Connor, Petro Zillia, Davies, and Saja; famed fashion illustrator Joe Eula passed away; denim news; everyone agrees, Montreal Fashion Week: not so much; Rocawear designer Rachael Roy is launching her own line; Swedish label Gant is bringing its women's collection to the U.S.; British label Lonsdale London is also jumping across the pond; and Seven's sister LaRok. And, in case you were wondering, how retailers donate their political dollars.

NYT: Cathy Horyn on Joe Eula.

NYP: It's a Halloween bonanza! Where to buy props and decorations for your party; MAC will do your makeup for $40; and last-minute costumes.

NYDN: One woman's misadventures in hair coloring; sales; and Brooklyn fave Yellow Door comes to Manhattan.

The Daily: The most specialized cream ever, for heels, elbows, and cuticles. Mmm-kay. More on Joe Eula. Clinique's new eye shadow; and bags, none of which really appeal to me.
Cheryl shops...Bloomingdales and the new H&M
I have been incredibly bored thus far this week at work, so I decided to get out of the office on my lunch hour (which turned into two hours) and check out the "private" shoe sale at Bloomingdale's. Um, this sale was not so private: signs everywhere, sale racks, women everywhere, sales clerks scurrying around with boxes and boxes of shoes--in other words, just a typical day at Bloomie's. Also, none of the shoes were particularly appealing. The fourth floor shoe department was calmer but didn't have anything exciting on sale (mainly Stuart Weitzman and Casadei). They do have some adorable new Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes, although with the pumps in the mid-$300s and the boots pushing $500, Belle's prices are coming quickly, ridiculously close to those of Sigerson Morrison's first line. (What was the purpose of Belle again? To introduce a lower-priced line? Oh, right...) Bummed, I went back down to the second floor to check out the clothes, which I found pretty underwhelming: I think a lot of these so-called "pretty" clothes are ugly at worst, lackluster at best. And they are damn expensive--nearly everything I looked at was at least $200; jeans seem to have surpassed $150. I brightened up when I saw a huge rack of Marc by Marc Jacobs sale merchandise, which had a top I like (but at $144, it was still a bit much) and some groovy chunky, handknit sweaters. My experience soured, however, when I overheard the girl at the checkout counter, who elected not to use her $500 store credit because she'd "just write a check" for the $1,800 worth of Marc Jacobs clothes she was buying. Bitch. (This contrasts sharply with my usual Bloomie's experience, when they tell me I can save an additional 10% if I open a store charge. I have one already, thanks.) Side note: I thought Bloomie's was done with the construction on the second floor, but apparently not, as there is plastic wrap all over the place. I'm glad to know that even large corporations like Federated also experience construction delays. Anyway, I then looked in vain for a new bag; the MJ green velvet knot bag is still there (but not on sale), and everything else is totally gross. Seriously, I have never seen so many ugly bags. I think all of the Juicy Couture bags (of which there are perhaps thousands) are just plain fug. Everything else seemed to be a ridiculous color (are women really buying bright yellow bags for winter?) or O.D.'d on hardware. Also, can one buy a $200 bag that is not a knockoff of a $1,000-plus bag? Birkins, Luellas, Jimmy's like I've seen it all before. So I left Bloomie's feeling dejected. Now I at least remember why I said I'm sticking to Soho Bloomie's.

I perked up, however, when I remembered the new H&M just opened across the street in the new Bloomberg tower. I took the Scissor Sisters song playing as I walked in as a good sign. The new H&M is huge, and it was by far the least crowded one I've ever been in--there were quite a few lunchtime shoppers, but there was plenty of physical room in which to move around. The first floor is half men's, half women's; the lower floor is men's, I believe (I didn't check it out due to time restraints); and the upper floor is women's. As usual, H&M is kind of all over the place trend-wise, but I like that, because then there's something for everyone. H&M is doing the ladylike look well (not ugly like Bloomie's)--they have lots of frilly, silky, sparkly, and/or lacy camisoles; tweed pants; cute jackets (tweed and velvet); and some great skirts, several of which are excellent Zac Posen knockoffs (pink and black, toward the back on the 2nd floor). Outerwear-wise, they had some kickass Marc by Marc Jacobs knockoffs, groovy fur jackets (faux mink or faux leopard) for $70, and a very hipster leather zip-up jacket for $80, in a gorgeous caramel color. The accessories were kind of eh, but I got a wine velvet bag with gold trim--it looks like a simplified version of the Louis Vuitton Theda, and I think it might be kind of ugly, but kind of cute at the same time. I also got two wrap tops--one bright green wool/rayon and one blue/green floral with silver lurex threads in it, very Cameron Diaz. The latter is totally impractical and will require a safety pin to prevent any "wardrobe malfunctions," but it's very flattering, and I'm a sucker for anything shiny. I was very pleased with my purchases, and returned to work to show them to everyone (and to explain why I was gone for two hours). So, I hereby thank H&M for getting me excited about clothing again.
Daily digest
WWD: And you thought it was over: the first reviews from L.A. Fashion Week, Arthur Mendonça, Kevan Hall, and Linda Loudermilk; Coach is en fuego; Avenue focuses on underserved plus-size women; the dilemma of new designers, retailers, and exclusives; and new designers expose themselves on eBay (pun intended).

NYO: Simon Doonan goes to Tokyo and concludes that Americans are fat (true: The biggest size in clothing in Japan is about a 6); and Noelle Hancock meets Bendel's star makeup counter guy.

VV: Lynn Yaeger's umpteenth story on political clothing.

WaPo: Robin Givhan's spring wrap-up; the deal with those yellow bracelets (don't buy 'em on eBay!); and speaking of eBay, style tips from Givhan and Constance White, eBay's Style Director.

The Daily: Runway reports from Custo and Kevan Hall; Armani ass-kissing; and Anna Molinari and DSquared2 ass-kissing. Backstage beauty from Marni, one of my fave lines; gratuitous pictures of Jude Law; Halloween slippers for fancy people; and Candy Pratts Price on crazy houseware (I love the Missoni plates). African-inspired looks from the spring runways; haute clogs (ick); and a $415 self-deprecating T-shirt from Lucien Pellat-Finet.

Daily Candy: Lisa Levine's Mexican-inspired jewelry.
Website of the week
I am having a bit of trouble finding a fall/winter bag this year. I mentioned a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I saw at Bloomingdale's, but it's green and velvet, and I'd really prefer something in leather and a more neutral color (my winter coat is bright red--Marc by Marc Jacobs, of course). I thought I might be getting a real Marc Jacobs bag for 80% off wholesale, but MK's contact at the warehouse just got fired. Oops. I bought a camel velvet bag at the Gap (for $18!) to tide me over, but I'd like something roomier and more durable. So, in my search, I came across Thickskin, a line of handmade leather bags. Thickskin is not cheap, but it's not Hermes, either--prices range from $198 for a business-card holder to $975 for an overnight bag; most purses are in the $400-$500 range. There are three lines for women--Vision, Rockstar, and Classic--and one for men. I love the oversized, Italian-made hardware on the Rockstar bag; the 3-way can be worn as a belt bag, shoulder bag, or clutch; the metallic trim on the All-nighter 2 puts a modern spin on a retro look; I want the portfolio for my clips (it's way cooler than the generic plastic portfolio from Staples that I use now); and I wish I could afford this messenger bag to replace MW's gross canvas backpack. My favorite bag, though, is the VIP bag: It's roomy (11"x9"x5"), comes in neutral colors (black and brown), is made of leather, and it has cool oversized brass buckles. Yes, it's $495, but that's half the price of a Marc Jacobs Stella bag (at retail), so that sounds like a bargain to me.
Daily digest
WWD: For Ralph Lauren, Rugby is the new Polo; ousted Emmanuel Ungaro designer Giambattista Valli to launch his own collection; Louis Vuitton will not open a store on Madison Ave.; and new Burberry stores in Rome and San Francisco.

NYT: For those of you who are sick of pretty, long live punk; and collages at Bergdorf's.

NYP: More on Armani's NYC blitz.

LAT: Uggs ain't going nowhere.

The Daily: A new "apparel concept" for the Gap; a runway report from Australian Fashion Week; and major faux pas at Saturday's Carousel of Hope benefit in Beverly Hills.

Daily Candy: Believe it or not, a hype-free clothing store in the West Village called Project 159.
The week in shopping
Sale of the week: You can bet your bippy I'll be at the Irregular Choice sample sale, where their hip English men's and women's shoes are $40-$150. 10/28-10/29; 10-7; Eightyeight Showroom, 53 E. 19th St. (at Park Ave.), 3rd fl.

One of my favorite lingerie stores, Mixona, has sexy lingerie by Laura Urbanati, La Perla, Eberjey, and more for up to 50% off. 11-8; 262 Mott St.

For the uptown gals, Nellie M. Boutique has Joie pants for 30% off, plus a $19 rack featuring Susana Monaco, Trina Turk, Tracy Reese, and more. 10-8, 11-8 Sat., 11-7 Sun.; 1309 Lexington Ave. (at 88th St.).

For design snobs on a budget, Cassina's sale has furniture by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier for as low as $462.50. 10/29-10/31; 1-8 Fri., 10-8 Sat., 11-5 Sun.; The Metropolitan Pavilion, 110 W. 19th St. (6th & 7th Aves.).

Bush twins fave Lela Rose has ladylike womenswear on sale; skirts are $65 and beaded dresses are $350. 10/28-10/29; 10-7 Thurs., 9-6 Fri.; 144 W. 37th St. (at 7th Ave.), 3rd fl.

For gals who like to think ahead, Barneys is holding a Marc Jacobs trunk show 10/28-10/29 from 10-6 on the 3rd floor. For the more conservative, tailors from Kiton and Luciano Barbera will be on the 3rd floor from 10-6 on 10/27-10/28.

Spend $50 and get a free Show-Offs highlighter at Benefit when you enter code FGBM (for Bambi, a golden tone) or FGHR (for high roller, a pink) through 10/29.

Cheryl Shops fave Empowerment Mineral Designs has slashed prices on their unique semiprecious jewelry; prices are at almost wholesale (most items are $30-$40), and will be until Christmas.

Click here to print this week's Lord & Taylor sale coupon (sale starts Wednesday).

Meet Giorgio Armani at Bergdorf's 10/28 from 2:30-3:30 on the second floor; call 212-872-8764 to RSVP.

Get 20% off everything at Bluefly when you enter code FALL20 at checkout through 10/27.

This week at the Shop at, DVF by Samsung phones, Lauren Merkin bags, Fragments jewelry, and NV Perricone skincare.
Daily digest
WWD: Moschino designer Vincent Darre is named the new Emanuel Ungaro designer; producer/stud Pharrell Williams collaborates with Louis Vuitton on sunglasses; Armani's NYC visit and how to stalk him; some very Paris Hilton-esque G Series bags by Cole Haan; jewelry designer Robin Rotenier; having pumped up thinning hair, Nioxin to smooth coarse hair; a limited-edition Alice Roi bag to benefit breast cancer research (first item); in praise of Anna Molinari, a very underrated designer, if you ask me; because he's alienated the rest of the world, Jeremy Scott to show in Russia's fashion week; and the future of lingerie.

NYT: Customization and the web.

NYP: Celebrities and It Bags; how not to look fat in your Halloween costume; the Post jumps on the brooch bandwagon; some random sales; and luxury-ish items at chain stores.

The Daily: Random fashion gossip.
Weekend shopping
For the Italian-lovers out there, lower-priced designer lines D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Just Cavalli, and GF Ferre are up to 65% off retail. They have men's and women's accessories and clothing, but, strangely enough, only credit cards will be accepted as payment. 10/23-10/26; 9-6; Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.).

If you haven't bought your winter scarf yet, stop by Azaleas on Saturday for a trunk show, featuring fun scarves by LaLa; the entire collection will be 10% off for the show. 10/23; 1-5; 223 E. 10th St.

Buy your tickets now for Gen Art's shopping spree--tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. The sale features more than 35 emerging designers selling their stock at up to 50% off, plus there are manicures, makeovers, door prizes, and, most importantly, free cocktails. 10/25; 5-10; Puck Building, 293 Lafayette St. (at Houston).

In the East Village, Pomegranate's handmade home furnishings are 10%-25 percent off. 10/23-10/24; 1-8; 125 E. 7th St. is the exclusive U.S. seller of the new Evian Affinity line; buy any two items from it and get a free Evian spa towel (a $20 value).

Get 15% off your purchase at excellent lingerie website Bodyhints when you enter code FALLPROMO at checkout through 11/30.

Boots are 20% off at Banana Republic; plus, enter code BRSTYLE1 and get free shipping on a $125 order.

Get double points on all purchases at Neiman Marcus through 10/23 when you use your NM charge card.

Hit the Meatpacking District today and tomorrow for trunk shows: Alexander McQueen, Carlos Miele, La Perla, Lucy Barnes, Shelly Steffee, Rubin Chapelle, and others will preview their holiday and spring/summer collections.

Chanel's holiday collection has arrived at; get a free Chanel Mini Glossimer in Spark with any Chanel purchase when you enter code CHGLSS at checkout through 10/28.

Save 20% on women's fashion, shoes, and accessories at when you enter code FF4PCA at checkout through 10/28.

Get 15% off at Bluefly when you enter code MISSEDYOU504 at checkout through 10/29.

Recent Cheryl Shops website of the week is having a Halloween sale, with up to 50% off select bras and panties.

Only in stores, take an additional 50% off all clearance merchandise at Old Navy through 10/24.

To celebrate the fact that they're now carrying Fresh toiletries (I'd die without the Milk Milk lotion), has a gift with purchase when you spend $75 on Fresh products (i.e., like two of them): Enter code FRSH at checkout to get a Lemon Sugar Bath Cube and a Lemon Sugar EDT spray in a cute pouch.
Object of desire
I am usually not a big fan of accessories or items of clothing with one's astrological sign on them (see these somewhat tacky Juicy Couture jeans). And while I can appreciate totally garish Italian-made accessories, I can't quite pull them off. But in the case of this Dolce & Gabbana Zodiac Mordore Baguette, two wrongs make a right. This bag is flashy (hello, metallic gold leather and oversized jeweled clasp) and so not my style, but for some reason, I think it's totally cool. The bag is $850, then for another $480, you customize it with your respective astrological sign--for pictures of all of them, click here. I'm a pisces, but I think the virgo and the capricorn buckles are the coolest. Also, if metallic gold isn't quite your thing, they also offer the bag in slightly more expensive black or white snakeskin; and, for a slightly less indulgent, um, indulgence--or if you want to match--there's a black snakeskin belt and a gold metallic belt (the metallic belt is a veritable bargain at $170, but, again, the buckle is extra). It's almost enough to make me want to start dressing like Donatella Versace.
Daily digest
WWD: H&M in the U.S.A.

The Daily: Hey, socialites, the In God's Love We Deliver catalogue is on its way; Prada maven Katherine Ross (this story would've been a lot better with pictures, by the way); and a Chanel bag you can actually afford, if you buy something, that is. Say it ain't so: Brass buttons are back.
Cheryl shops...the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book
Yeah, so the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has been out for a month already, but Christmas is still a good two months away, so calm down. Now, Neiman Marcus makes a good go at offering affordable gifts, with several pages devoted to gifts under $100 and under $50, but if you ask me, six chocolate-dipped strawberries for $36 is not the most wise way to spend one's money. The real point of the Christmas Book is to ogle Neiman Marcus' totally bizarro gifts and drool over the high-end fashion gifts that might be given to some lucky housewife in Darien, Connecticut, but probably not to you. But more on those later.

For the batshit gifts, we have a custom suit of armor for $20k; for your inner Nazi, a zeppelin for a cool $10 million; a 5,000-square-foot his-and-hers bowling alley (probably not so good for New Yorkers with limited space); for cheeseballs, a Grand Ole Opry experience, complete with customized jackets; an underwater aviator for $1.7 million; and what actually appear to be two good deals, a $375k luxury timeshare membership and a lifetime American Airlines AAirpass membership, one for $3 million, two for $5 million (of course, if you have that kind of money, maybe you want to look into buying a private jet). There are more crazy gifts, but I thought those were the most noteworthy.

Now, onto the good stuff. This year's catalogue has six pages of Chanel goodies, but they're mysteriously missing from the online version of the catalogue (for those of you who have a hard copy, it's pages 20-25). Bah humbug! But, they do show a fabulous Burberry trench; an incredibly sexy leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana suit; a to-die-for festive red Marc Jacobs dress; and, for those who ski, a Pucci ski ensemble.

So now you all know what to get me for Christmas! Remember, I'm a size 8!
America's Next Top Model recap
While there were no catfights on last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, there was a hell of a lot of crying--if it's not one thing, it's always another. So, the girls started out with a yoga class taught by a Swedish stud named Savaas (who I swear used to teach kickboxing at Crunch), because to be a serious top model, you have to do yoga. Then everyone's favorite judge Janice Dickinson showed up and actually did something practical, which was show the girls how to pose. Seriously, that's the most rational thing they've had to do thus far. As for Janice, I love the woman, but someone needs to keep her away from the plastic surgeon's office--she's starting to look like a post-op trannie. Anyway, then the girls had heart-to-hearts with Tyra; most of them cried, especially Toccara, who has some sort of issue with her parents and seems to think that becoming a world-famous plus-size model will help bring her family back together. (I hate to burst her bubble...) Kelle cried about not being able to pose, then looked in the mirror and cried again, then went to talk to Toccara and cried some more. Kelle clearly has issues with her ethnicity, especially with her mouth, which she has taken to calling her "snout." (The funniest part of this was when Kelle showed Toccara a picture of a girl with similarly big lips in a magazine, and Toccara made the valid point, "Bitch is gettin' paid!") Kelle managed to pull her shit together and win the pose-in-lingerie-in-the-window-of-La-Perla contest, judged by Simon Doonan, my favorite bitchy queen ever. Simon was surprisingly subdued, although he made an incredibly accurate assessment of Jennipher: "You look like you're on Quaaludes." Priceless. Then the girls had an even more ridiculous photo shoot, in which they had to model Dooney & Bourke handbags while skating on roller skates and wearing club kid-cum-disco diva outfits. Surprisingly, a lot of them nailed the shots; not so much for Cassie, Toccara, Ann, Kelle, and Jennipher...who got the boot, deservedly so.

Next week, there appears to be some major incident involving brownies, and Cassie talks about her "eating disorder." (I put "eating disorder" in quotes because I have known quite a few bulimics (and anorexics) in my time, and not one of them has ever come right out and said, "I have an eating disorder." While they may know this deep down inside, they don't broadcast it, nor do they admit it when provoked.) And, as for the next elimination, my money's on Kelle.
Daily digest
WWD: The newest, low-priced edition to the Calvin Klein stable, Calvin Klein Casual (a rather dumb name, I think); the top ten independent specialty stores; do we really need $4,000 jeans? (2nd item); and a Jimmy Choo store for Palm Bitches.

NYDN: Tidbits; sales; and about 200 words on a cool-sounding make-your-own jewelry shop in Brooklyn. (Um, okay, the Daily News' fashion page sucks.)

The Daily: Nanette Lepore gets political; The Daily steps into the Cathy Horyn vs. WWD smackdown; everyone loooooves Tom Ford; and Ugg handbags (I'm thinking not so much on that one). Runway beauty trends; and beauty tips from Beyonce's makeup artist. In Shop Tart, Lagerfeld Gallery, Yohji Yamamoto, Celine, and more; and lots of new products in Beauty Duty.

Tale of Two Cities [via Gawker]: More debate over the poncho (I posted a comment; there are some rabid anti-poncho folks here).

Go Fug Yourself: Heather and Jessica urge you to just say no to leggings.
Website of the week
Like many girls, I am very particular about my hair. I wear it straight and blown out old-school, with a dryer and a round brush--not with a flat iron. (However, when May rolls around, I surrender to the humidity and let it be curly until September, when the weather returns to a tolerable state. A small part of me dies every spring because of this.) But while I am loyal to my straightening technique, I am not bound to my styling products (although, usually, I end up using some combination of straightening balm, volumizer, and pomade). I'm always up for trying a new product, and if it's something with cult status or it's scarce, I'm even more intrigued. So when I came across the Beauty Catalogue, my hair nearly straightened itself in anticipation. Started by a fashion-world hairstylist named Laura de Leon (i.e., she does models' hair for photo shoots and runway shows), the Beauty Catalogue carries hard-to-find styling aids used by the pros. de Leon provides product descriptions explaining why stylists use it and/or why it's so coveted, which add to its cachet. The site is set up quite simply, with products listed by brand (you can search the site by keyword as well). Some items are really innovative, like these bungee-cord-ish Elastiques hair bands, the super-strong Fedora pins, and the Klorane Dry Shampoo, a product that sounds perfect for me, as I often hate washing my hair on the weekends, when I'm feeling exceptionally lazy. The Beauty Catalogue also carries coveted lines like FWI and the French skincare line Embroylisse (no, it's not made of embryos). Then, there are the styling products: Biorene is good for curls; Brilliantine Pompeia is a light, non-greasy pomade; and Real Puala seems like a great all-around styling product (sadly, the Beauty Catalogue no longer carries the impossible-to-find-in-the-U.S. Elnett hairspray). Plus, for the allergic (or curious), they list ingredients. Items ship via first-class mail, and you can expect them in 7-14 days--far easier than trekking around the world.
Daily digest
WWD: Limited Inc. plans to exploit my dear neighborhood pharmacy, Bigelow Apothecary, by opening one in every mall in America; I still can't afford to shop at the revamped Chanel 57th Street store; because you don't spend enough money in Vegas already, the Forum Shops at Caesar's have been expanded; WWD bitch-slaps the New York Times right back; coming soon, Pucci ski-wear; H&M's new 59th & Lex store opens Friday; and Chicago designer Maria Pinto is returning to designing.

IHT: Love it or hate it, fur is back.

NYO: In what sounds like the best idea ever, brides are exchanging registry gifts for clothes at department stores; and, somewhat off topic but still noteworthy, the Secret Rich of Manhattan.

VV: A shining example of why I love Lynn Yaeger, she totally goes against the fashion-critic grain and pans every major European collection that was praised by pretty much everyone else. Love it!

The Daily: Sexy Brazilian lingerie (as opposed to non-sexy Brazilian anything); Giacomo Santucci is definitely out at Gucci; what the Juicy Couture gals really wear; in praise of Gustavo Arrango; and a special-edition Diptyque candle (love Diptyque).

Go Fug Yourself: The fugliest shoes ever (no, surprisingly, not Uggs). Soundbites from the shows; Sally Singer picks the best shows, but, inexplicably, she included YSL; Proenza Schouler win big at the first Vogue/CFDA fashion fund awards; a perplexing jacket/sweater; and firming products for the busty gals. Glam accessories and more in the shopping guide; and I'm sure fashionistas everywhere are weeping tears of joy over Lanvin handbags.
Buy it
I went to Japan a few years ago and was totally blown away by what a bizarre, cool country it is (the movie Lost in Translation only began to touch upon this). So seeing these amazing Shu by Ai limited-edition bottles of Shu Uemura's cult-status cleansing oil, I was reminded of how unique Japanese style is (the Japanese are fond of the term "Japanese-style", whether it's a way of eating, traveling, dressing, or doing a number of things). The Shu by Ai collection is a set of three of Shu Uemura's cleansing oils, with special bottles designed by Japanese artist Ai Yamaguchi; the characters on the bottles are big-eyed anime heroines, revered by young Japanese women, who are quite girly. The bottles are a rather steep $60 each, but a portion of the proceeds go to Rx Art, a nonprofit dedicated to art therapy for children's hospitals. And, through tomorrow, buy two or more bottles and get free shipping (hey, it helps).
I knew I was tired yesterday, but this takes the cake: Reader Diane e-mailed me this morning to say that this story, a link to which I published yesterday, had a huge-ass picture of my favorite last-season America's Next Top Model contestant, Shandi Sullivan, in it, and I didn't even notice. So, everyone click on the link and look at Shandi! She looks great, doesn't she? Apparently the picture was taken at an "Apprentice viewing party" (Shandi didn't walk in the show that was actually in the episode), which got me thinking, maybe Shandi has been signed with Trump's modeling agency. A little Googling later, I discovered that Shandi has signed with IMG...the very agency that represents ANTM winner Yoanna. (I also came across much catty message board gossip saying that Yoanna is a diva/bitch, lives in a $4,000/month apartment in NYC, and has the richest doctor in Jacksonville, Florida, as a father.) So, yay Shandi! But, umm, has anyone seen her at the Empire State Building Walgreens lately?
Daily digest
WWD: Tom Ford/Domenico De Sole stalwart Giacomo Santucci to resign from Gucci (meaning: trouble ahead); and my favorite Queer Eye guy Kyan Douglas will be a L'Oreal spokesman.

NYT: In what is hopefully the last article on the spring shows for awhile, Cathy Horyn provides a spring fashion summary; she also, amusingly, delivers a bitch-slap to YSL.

IHT: Suzy Menkes on designers and the Rococo influence ("Rococo," by the way, is an extremely fun word to say).

Slate: The inevitable poncho backlash has arrived.

The Daily: Fashionista fave store Intermix to debut a fragrance whose bottle bears an uncanny resemblance to Chanel Chance; speaking of which, in honor of the Chanel boutique's reopening on Thursday, Karl Lagerfeld has created three limited-edition pieces (a bag, a jacket, and a blouse), and only 555 of each are available; the Fendi Vanity bag is the new Fendi Baguette; Chaiken is 10 years old (that makes me feel old); brow-fattening pomade; and an interview with New Zealand designer Karen Walker. More praise for Alber Elbaz's collection for Lanvin.

Daily Candy: Former Cheryl Shops website of the week NYC General Store's vintage shopping service.
The week in shopping
Sale of the week: One of my favorite jewelry stores, Boucher, has incredibly delicate, feminine jewelry, made from colorful semiprecious and precious stones, for 15%-30% off. Through 10/24; noon-8, noon-6 Sun.; 9 Ninth Ave. (next door to Pastis).

For the girlie girls, Leigh Bantivoglio and Rebecca Taylor are taking 65% off their lingerie and clothing, respectively (now $25-$120). 10/20-10/21; 10-7; Loft Eleven, 336 W. 37th St., 11th fl.

I have never actually been there, but I've heard excellent things about Duty Free Apparel, which stocks current-season handbags and accessories from Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and the like, for 20%-50% off. This week they're having a sample sale, so get out the claws, ladies. 10/19-10/26; 10-6 (closed Sat.-Mon.); 204 W 35th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

This drool-worthy sample sale features Seven for All Mankind, James Perse, Yanuk, Joe's, Joie, Marc Jacobs, Theory, Tahari, Three Dots, H. Starlet and more, in all sizes, for 50%-90% off (Seven jeans are now $50). Sadly, it's cash only. Through 10/24; 10:30-7; 415 W. Broadway (Spring & Prince Sts.).

Tufi Duek's sexy Brazilian fashions are up to 70% off. 10/19-10/21; 9:30-7; 530 Broadway (at Spring St.), 10th fl.

Every pregnant woman's best friend, Liz Lange makes flattering, chic maternitywear, which is now up to 80% off. 10/20-10/21; 8-6:30; 347 W. 36th St., 5th fl.

For the German businesswoman in you, Escada accessories, sportswear, eveningwear, samples, and stock are at least 80% off. 10/20-10/23; noon-8 Wed., 10-5 Thurs., 10-8 Fri., 10-6 Sat.; the Metropolitan Pavilion, 110 W. 19th St.

Because a girl can never have enough rugs, Lamontage's colorful, one-of-a-kind floor coverings are $25-$2,500. 10/20-10/29; 10-5, noon-5 Sat., closed Sun.; 210 11th Ave. (at 24th St.), 7th fl.

Sexy and luxurious Bruno Magli shoes in all sizes are $79 (two for $120, normally $375-$550) and boots are $99 (two for $160, normally $550-$1,300) at this cash-only sale. Through 10/24; 11-10; 23 W. 8th St. (5th & 6th Aves.).

For the fancy diner in your life, Christofle's and Haviland's luxe porcelain dinnerware, flatware, and crystal are up to 70% off. Through 10/20; 9-6:30; Parsons School of Design, 560 7th Ave. (at 40th St.), 2nd fl.

Get free shipping at Benefit when you enter code FSHG through 10/20.

This week's sale at Lord & Taylor? The boot sale! Click here for a coupon.

Starting Tuesday, Loehmann's has the shoe event and the men's event going on.

Get free shipping on an $85 order at Old Navy when you enter code FALL8504, and check out the sale section.

Get free shipping on all George Nelson clocks at Oriac through 10/31.

This Thursday at Bergdorf Goodman, if you're a cardholder, get triple miles, and if you're not, get a card and get 1,000 bonus points for signing up. Plus, meet hairstylist Oscar Blandi, dermatologist Howard Sobel, and more.

This week at the Shop at, designers Stella McCartney, Marni, and more, via Yoox. is having a fall sale, featuring James Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earl Jeans, and more.

Click here to shop Newport News' secret sale through 10/21.
Daily digest
WWD: An interesting article on where baby boomers like to shop (hey, it's Chico's and Talbot's--my mom's favorites!); the new Madison Avenue Judith Leiber flagship store; the scoop on Daisy Fluentes for Kohl's accessories; ponytail-accommodating Girl 32 hats; what we all need, another fancy jewelry store on Madison Avenue; and the unorthodox marriage of cartoon characters and lingerie.

NYT: Cathy Horyn on Tom Ford's second act; and, oh god, moon boots are back.

NYP: The inevitable tweed backlash, plus thoughtful analysis on why trendsetters abandon the trends they start, and tips on how to wear tweed thoughtfully; in this installment of how to not look fat, back fat; and where to shop for hipster babies.

WaPo: Where to shop for vintage T-shirts.

The Daily: The dude who was on last week's Apprentice now has a booming fashion career; a report from New Zealand fashion week (who knew?); and the Tom tome (second item). An interview with super-influential British editor Katie Grand.
Weekend shopping
It's a slow news day today, so I'm going straight to the sales.
Johnson's cool-girl clothes are $50-$125. Cash only. 10/16-10/17; noon-6; 195 Chrystie St., 5th fl.

If you're in need of a new rug (and who isn't?), Lâle has vibrant, hand-woven Turkish rugs for 60% off (now $120-$1,520). Through 10/17; noon-8; 200 Mott St.

Don't forget Find Outlet's fall sample sale featuring Mint, Walter, and Joy vs. Happiness for 50% off. Through 10/17; noon-7; 361 W. 17th St. (8th & 9th Aves.).

At home-accessories site Rubber-Ducky, get $10 off a $100 order when you enter code FALL10, $20 off a $200 order when you enter code FALL20, or $30 off a $300 order when you enter code FALL30 through 11/15.

Take 15% off all outerwear at American Eagle when you enter code 56874514 at checkout through 10/26.

Take 15% off all online exclusives (this includes the designer collections) at La Redoute when you enter code 1651-36985-344 at checkout through 10/22.

This is a sweet deal, but you have to spend $150 first: Get a 19-piece bath and body sampler set (filled with exotic, high-end products from Kai, Molton Brown, Yu-be, and others) and a coupon for $10 off your next $75 purchase at Beautyhabit (a former Cheryl Shops website of the week) when you enter code BUBBLES through 10/31.

Click here to see all gifts with purchase.

Shop at Club Monaco tomorrow, 10/16, and get a free gift with your $50 purchase.
America's Next Top Model recap
Oh, the cattiness. Women can be catty and competitive to begin with, but throw them together in an apartment where they're openly competing for something and they turn into stone cold bitches. Eva, who's clearly lacking in self-esteem, started making disparaging comments about how Amanda is blind; Amanda accused Eva of stealing her laundry and her money and her crystals (oh, how hippie-dippie...); Ann took Eva's side, of course; Jennipher bumped into Ann and didn't say "excuse me"...Oh, the drama. But once Amanda found her crystals (she had forgotten she had hid them so no one would steal them), her karma or whatever improved, she apologized to Eva, and all was well. Phew! The girls learned how to walk from J. Alexander (always an entertaining segment), with assistance from last year's winner, Yoanna. They then walked in a Heatherette "fashion show" later that night. Eva, the best natural walker, won; Norelle totally wiped out, but strangely enough, it didn't even come up in the evaluations at the end--I guess it happens to everyone. Then the girls did a photo shoot for Lee jeans where they wore jeans, hair extensions, and not a whole lot else. Norelle flashed her boobies (that's my kind of girl!) and Republican Kristi felt uncomfortable being naked (big surprise). Also, Jay Manuel was wearing some sort of weird leather gay biker outfit. Thank god he's a makeup artist and not a stylist. Inevitably, Kristi and her big-ass chin got the boot for looking so uncomfortable at the photo shoot. I have a feeling the days are numbered for Jennipher and Kelle: Jennipher wrote "ANTM" on her butt during the evaluation, which didn't go over so well with the judges, and neither girl photographs particularly well. The preview for next week alludes to "Kelle feeling the pressure," so I bet she's the next to go. And speaking of next week, Janice shows the girls how to pose in swimsuits. Should be highly entertaining...
Daily digest
WWD: An interesting story on the high-waisted vs. low-waisted debate; in the okaaaaay department, a line of denim inspired by Nordic folklore; my former employer Wet Seal might sell Arden B. to pay off debt; and new knitwear line Krisa.

NYDN: Tidbits; and sales.

VV: Lynn Yaeger on brooches.

The Daily: Bath products for socialites, by socialites; and designer Oliver Helden. The 10 best looks from the New York spring collections.
Website of the week
Last week I got the Alloy catalogue in the mail. From what I remembered, Alloy was for skater-girls--kind of like how Delia*s used to be before it went more mainstream. Anyway, Alloy has also changed its tune--it's definitely a lot more girly, which sucks for the punky teens out there, but is great for chicks like me who raid teen catalogues for cool, cheap accessories. Before I start listing the goods, a cautionary note: There are clothes, of course, at Alloy, but they are for junior sizes, meaning middle-school and high school girls. Unless you are built like a 14-year-old, I suggest staying away from the clothes; if you must, take a look at the size chart before buying. That said, I think the accessories are the best part of teen-oriented websites like this, because they're trendy, cheap, and supercute--and because they're so cheap, you won't feel bad if you wear them only a few times. You can shop by category, by style, or by brand; I'll be sticking to accessories, shoes, jewelry, and such, although the style "preppy rocker" is pretty amusing--Hilary Duff is clearly the inspiration for that. Anyway, onto cute accessories: I love the rich colors of this twill and satin clutch; this zipper clutch is pretty badass; at $24, the faux fur shrug is an unbelievable deal; the braided belt reminds me of Chloe by Stella McCartney, circa the horse collection; I have shoes that would match perfectly with this Cameron Diaz-esque metallic bow belt; and I must have this sequin stretch belt, another excellent deal at $12. Shoe-wise, for the Ugg lovers, they have a kaleidoscope of Emu boots; I like the casual-looking frontier boots; of course, I'm down with anything that has a butterfly on it; these satin beaded slides are a step up from the Chinese slippers you can buy on the street (and are more suitable for nighttime), and these Twinkle flats are totally adorable; the high-roller pumps are a bit kooky, but have this season's ubiquitous round toe; and, the best shoe find of all: a slightly lower-heeled version of my beloved Miu Miu mocasin pumps (oops, I just broke my vow never to mention them again). Jewelry-wise, I like this metallic flower pin; this flower cuff bracelet is very Sarah Jessica Parker; and prim Coco Chanel-y pearl necklace. Shipping for all this cool loot is free on orders over $75; and if you don't want to buy it all at once, you can save the items you like to your wish list. And, for your inner teen, you can read Alloy's online magazine to your heart's content. Oh my god! Lindsay Lohan is so cool!
Daily digest
The Daily: Reports from the final day of Paris shows; a final installment of fashion editor porn; Gap introduces a credit card you can use at Gap, Banana, and Old Navy, and you get a $10 coupon for every $200 you spend!; and Laura Helene bridal atelier, for those of you who think bridal dresses aren't expensive enough. A preview (and pictures!) of the Karl Lagerfeld for H&M collection; Candy Pratts Price does art deco; a dorky yet cool watch; and Italian beauty icon Marchesa Casati.

Daily Candy: A T-shirt that gives back.
The week in shopping
So, I had been working on the week in shopping for 45 minutes when my computer decided to crash, and I lost everything. So, in the interest of saving time, sales are going to be somewhat abbreviated. Here we go.

Sale of the week: Aubade's incredibly sexy French lingerie and swimwear are on sale (bras are $25, undies are $20). 10/13-10/15; 11-7, 11-6 Fri.; 40 E. 34th St. (at Madison), ste. 607.

It's sale time at Hollywould: Get 40% off all pre-fall shoes. 198 Elizabeth (Prince & Spring Sts.).

Find Outlet's fall sample sale starts at noon on 10/14 and features Walter, Mint, Hudson jeans, and more. 361 W. 17th St. (8th & 9th Aves.).

This week Clothingline has this season's Free People collection for 60% off (includes sweaters, tops, skirts, and more). Through 10/15; see website for hours; 261 W. 36th (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Hey, San Franciscans (that means Melissa)! Lucky you, you get your very own Billion Dollar Babes sale this weekend! But, of course, you must RSVP to get in. 10/16; 8-6; Dogpatch Studios, 991 Tennesse St., San Francisco.

If you are one of the five ladies in the world who hasn't yet bought a poncho (or if you want to add to your ever-growing collection), Pink Mascara is offering 15% off all Suss & Murielle ponchos through 10/20 when you enter code FALLPONCHOS.

At Prescriptives, get free shipping through 10/31 when you buy Super Line Corrector Lifting Day Cream or Firming Night Cream (a percentage of sales go to breast cancer research), plus get a free sample of Skin Renewal Cream, Super Line Preventer + Lip Shine, or Calyx perfume.

Select outerwear is 20% off at Delia*s, and get free shipping on orders over $25 when you enter code DRFW225.

Get free shipping through 10/14 at LeSportsac.

Saks' Key to the Cure shopping event is 10/14-10/17. They've done away with the nice 25% off deal (you make a donation, you get a discount coupon), but Thursday (10/14) is one of the days where you spend at least $250 and get a gift card (usually 10% of what you spent, in $25 increments). And, of course, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.

Items are up to 70% off at Crate & Barrel's online outlet.

Get free shipping on regularly priced boots through 11/1 at Nordstrom.

Last week, Gabay's got a shipment of shoes, featuring Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and others, for 60% off. I'm guessing it's been totally obliterated by now. Sorry.

Beneift has a special online-only Glosses set; get free shipping through 10/13 when you enter code FSGS.

The Wonderbra is 10 years old, so through the end of this week, get any Wonderbra for $19.94 and any undies for $7.99 at recent Cheryl Shops website of the week

For the Chicago people, head over to Isabella Fine Lingerie, mention you got an e-mail, and get 15% off your purchase (sorry, not available online). 1101 W. Webster, Chicago.

Through 10/15, all outerwear is 20% off at another former Cheryl Shops website of the week, Vintage Cool Things.

Get 15% off at Newport News through midnight tonight (10/12) when you enter code 629 at checkout.

Victoria's Secret is having a sweater sale, with prices starting at $29. Plus, get free shipping on all orders over $100.

Loehmann's has even more designer arrivals, due in stores 10/13, plus if you have "insider points," you have to use them by 10/18. Hurry scurry!

Get a free psychic reading and, more importantly, 20% off at Club Monaco at 5th and 20th on 10/13 from 6-8. Call 1-800-992-3907 to RSVP.

This week at the Shop at, Furla bags, Dooney & Bourke bags, M+J Savitt jewelry, H2O Plus skincare (my former employer), Francesca Giobbi shoes, and MD Skincare.

Urban Outfitters is having a fall sale for one week only, with items up to 75% off.
Daily digest
WWD: In what is hopefully the final batch of Paris reviews, Lanvin, Sonia Rykiel, Antonio Marras, Cacharel, and Martin Margiela, and Paco Rabanne, Guy Laroche, Veronique Leroy, Cher Michel Klein, and Jean Louis Scherrer. Plus, what the buyers thought; Paris runway beauty trends; and the Upper West Side retail bonanza.

NYT: Cathy Horyn of course goes nuts for Lanvin, pans YSL; and the spring verdict: Pretty is in.

IHT: Suzy Menkes pretty much feels the same way about Lanvin and YSL; plus, Akris, Guy Laroche, Collette Dinnigan, Marcel Marongiu, Tsumori Chisato, and Blaak. Plus: American designers in Paris.

The Daily: More Paris reports; and, for cult members, Kabbalah candles. Awesome hats; and complete runway collections.

Daily Candy: A sign the apocalypse is upon us: the $800 haircut.
America's Next Top Model recap
Due to presidential debates and stupid-ass baseball playoffs, Ameria's Next Top Model was not shown in the NYC metropolitan area until Saturday night, which was when I finally saw it. (I made MW watch it with me, and it was 60 minutes of sheer torture for him. Tee-hee.) So it was the big makeover episode and, as always, there were mixed results. I love Norelle's new girly bob (and the braces removal), Toccara's and Kellie's weaves, Nicole's short red hair, and Jennipher's shorter, lighter 'do (they hacked off at least a foot). In the not-so-much department, however, they gave Ann some very New Jersey ash-blonde highlights, they gave Yaya a crazy 'fro (ten bucks says that at some point they tell her she's "too ethnic"), and they gave Amanda this butt-ugly yellow weave that thank god she's too blind to see correctly (she thinks it's gorgeous, the poor girl). The girls were given an education in makeup application, then were tested on how well they could apply it in a limo in 10 minutes, en route to a party. My girl Norelle won! Yay Norelle! Then the girls had a makeup-free photo shoot, where they were "modeling" hand cream. At the elimination, we were showed the retouched photo and the unretouched photo, and the girls were judged on both--i.e., the final product vs. how much retouching they needed. Now, I realize the winner of this contest gets a contract with Cover Girl, so they don't want someone with bad skin, terrible eye bags, scars, etc. And Tyra said, "Retouching is expensive," which I can assure you is quite true. However, you can save a hell of a lot of money by putting makeup on the models! Yes, makeup can't fix everything, but, coupled with good lighting, it can save you a lot of time on the Photoshopping. So, I thought that was really ridiculous. Anyway, Julie, the Indian chick, got the boot for admitting what she really wanted was to have her own clothing line. This pissed me off for several reasons, the most obvious of which being, what an ass-backwards route to take! If you want to design and manufacture clothing, go to friggin' fashion school! If I were a contestant who really wanted to be a model but got cut in an earlier round, I'd be pissed. And on another level, I thought Julie was just very pretty, and I thought it was cool that they had an Indian girl in the competition. Well, so much for that.

Next week (or, rather, Wednesday--thankfully the show is on at 8, before the debate starts), the girls learn how to walk with J. Alexander (always entertaining), and last year's winner Yoanna makes an appearance. She's not Shandi, but she'll do.
Daily digest
WWD: Lots of reviews (the spring fashion shows are finally over)! Raves for Chanel, mixed for Louis Vuitton, and pans for YSL; design masters Alexander McQueen, Valentino, John Galliano, and Rochas; weird combination Chloe, Lacroix, Hermes, and Nina Ricci; artsy designers Akris, Hussen Chalayan, Y3, and Rick Owens; and from Friday, Stella McCartney (her first totally positive review ever, it seems), Dries Van Noten, Celine, and Veronique Branquinho; lesser-knowns Martin Grant, Loewe, Andrew Gn, and Loulou de la Falaise; and a huge multidesigner roundup.

NYT: Cathy Horyn goes gaga over the weekend's collections, and over Dries van Noten. Plus: crazy hair.

NYP: Need a break from fashion shows? The working woman's Post covers more practical matters like fall-trend dos and don'ts; fall coats; how to not look fat in jeans; and sales.

IHT: Suzy Menkes on luxury at Vuitton, Hermes, McQueen, and Rochas; a new femininity at Galliano, Chloe, etc.; the Chanel circus; the Mediterranean influence at several shows; a semi-good review for Stella McCartney; and Celine. Plus: Still somewhat new to capitalism, Russians discover high-end makeup; and the new maternity clothes.

WaPo: Robin Givhan on the Paris collections.

The Daily: A runway report on Hussein Chalayan; fashion editor reports from Thursday and Friday; and Brit home designer Kelly Hoppen.

Daily Candy: Cris cashmere sweaters.
Cheryl Shops is a year old!
With all of the craziness happening at my real job, I missed my own anniversary! Cheryl Shops' first post was on October 8, 2003, and to paraphrase Virginia Slims, it's come a long way, baby. In the coming year, look for new features, a redesigned website (with--gasp!--pictures!), and more of the regular features. If you have any comments, please post them in the "comments" section or, if you're shy, e-mail me. Thanks for your support!
My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts in the latter part of this week. The proverbial whip is being cracked upon my booty at work, so I've had to buckle down and slave over the next issue. But I will be back to make up for it next week. Thanks for your patience.
Daily digest
WWD: Reviews for Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lagerfeld Gallery, and Emanuel Ungaro, weirdos Viktor & Rolf, and Costume National, Sophia Kokosalaki, and Givenchy; two new premium denim lines; a preview of Roberto Menichetti's first collection for Celine; Paper Denim & Cloth to expand; and Italian shirts by Fourtys.

NYDN: Designers try their hand at home collections; and sales.

IHT: Suzy Menkes on the Grecian influence at Helmut Lang and others; feminine styles prevail at Viktor & Rolf, Gaultier, Comme des Garcons, and more; and trends in fabrics.

WaPo: Robin Givhan sees lotsa volume in Paris; and in case you've been living in a cave until recently, tweed is in for fall.

The Daily: A runway report from Dries van Noten; more fashion editor porn; more on the new Rodeo Drive LV store; more editors' reports from Paris; and the coolest Mr. Potato Head ever.
Coming soon
*Cheryl Shops...the Neiman Marcus holiday catalogue

*October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; what to buy to support the cause.

*ANTM recap (to be posted tomorrow!)
Daily digest
WWD: It's time for Paris Fashion Week reviews! (And then, finally, the spring shows will be over.) Dior's John Galliano gave a refreshingly antics-free show; praise for avant-garde designers Balenciaga, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, and Junya Watanabe; and Undercover, Vivienne Westwood, Marithé & François Girbaud, Azzaro, and AF Vandevorst. Plus: Business-success stories on Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana; why there are no A-list celebrities at the European shows; Laundry to roll out a bridesmaid line; and the new Rodeo Drive Louis Vuitton store.

NYT: Cathy Horyn praises Dior, Balenciaga, Comme des Garcons, and more; and Paris and the fashion virus.

IHT: Suzy Menkes on Dior, Balenciaga, et al.; plus, short takes on Vivienne Westwood, A.F. Vandevorst, Lutz, and Christian Wijnants. And: Luxury marketing; new stores in Paris; and IHT jumps on the old-school sneakers bandwagon.

WaPo: Robin Givhan on sex and Milan fashion; and what to expect from simple spa procedures.

The Daily: Reports from Balenciaga and Comme des Garcons, and Yoji Yamamoto; top fashion editors give Paris reports; fashion-editor porn; and $1 E.L.F. goodies. Praise for Nicholas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga. Beauty products new in stores; the best blow-dryer money can buy; and, of course, complete spring runway shows.

Daily Candy: New trend: chatelaines by Charm School.
Website of the week
Last week, I lamented being not so jazzed about clothes. This is still the case as of now, but rarely am I not jazzed about shoes. In fact, all that's on my fall shopping list so far is shoes (in case you were wondering, equestrian boots, slouchy boots a la Vivienne Westwood's Pirate boots, round-toe mary janes, and round-toe boots). So instead of extolling the virtues of shoe shopping (come on, you all know how sublime it is), I simply present Office, a British chain that, fortunately, ships to the U.S. (unlike Topshop, my absolute favorite British store). Now, the exchange rate is not totally favorable and shipping is 20 pounds (about $35), but a lot of the shoes here are so unique and fashion-forward, the extra expense is worth it. (And, hey, if you buy four or five pairs, $35 for shipping doesn't seem that bad.) Office carries its own brand, as well as Camper, Birkenstock (the trendier styles), Ted Baker, Fly London, Rocket Dog, and Irregular Choice (a kickass brand you can also find at Urban Outfitters, except Office has styles not available here), plus they have a huge sneaker section for the kicks-fetishists out there. Shoes are organized simply by style: ankle boots, knee boots, low heels, medium heels, high heels, sandals, wedding, and sports. My (many) favorites: These Irregular Choice Rocketboy boots have a retro cartoon graphic on the side for making a statement, but the very-this-season round toe makes them practical under a pair of jeans, too. Fly London's Wedge heel boots are a comfortable height, with interesting embroidery on the toe. These Satin ballet slippers are so girly and, at 15 pounds (about $27), quite a bargain (ballet-slipper-wise, I also like the leather Twister). These Seychelles Punch Loop Buckle pumps look like Sigerson Morrison, but are way cheaper. The Prairie pump is a bit springy for now, but the black is practical for fall. And speaking of spring, these Paco Gill snakeskin Mary Janes will take you right into spring a la Dolce & Gabbana. And I am drooling over the Velma bar shoes--words cannot describe how cool these are. Seriously, I could say something good about 90% of the shoes here. I think I'm going to start a letter-writing campaign, to bring Office to the U.S. (maybe they can convince Topshop too). Who's in?
Daily digest
WWD: A business-oriented story on how Prada will develop Helmut Lang as a brand; el-cheapola E.L.F. cosmetics to gain wide distribution; and designers' visions.

NYT: Cathy Horyn on the very talented Alber Elbaz of Lanvin; and Jude Law, and shopping for vintage costume jewelry at the flea market.

IHT: Suzy Menkes on Milan accessories.

The Daily: At press time, The Daily's website was not cooperating. But there was a review of the Vivienne Westwood show and some miracle oil. I'll link to them tomorrow instead.

MUG: Two retail misses (2nd item).

Defamer: In the fuglier than Uggs vein, the Regina boot (also covered in Go Fug Yourself).