The Cheryl Shops 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Cue up "All I Want for Christmas Is You" because Black Friday is mere days away, the sales have already started, and it's high holiday shopping time. My family has really dialed back our gift exchanges over the last few years, which makes putting these gift guides together kind of fun—it's like shopping for imaginary friends and family without actually spending any money. That said, a lot of these gifts are on my own wish list (especially the splurges section), and I already own—and highly recommend—many of the others. So without further ado, here's my holiday gift guide for 2023!

1. I have reached the age where I wake up and instantly look exhausted, thanks to ever-present dark circles and occasional puffiness. These eye masks aren't miracle-workers, but they definitely help. 

Topicals eye masks

2. I have a similar bottle, and using it while I cook feels way more glamorous than the half-gallon metal jug that my olive oil actually comes in. 

Olive oil bottle

3. In case you ever run out of ideas for your Girl Dinner, this deck will give you a gazillion more (she also has a previous version that's just cheese & charcuterie boards, but in my opinion, Girl Dinner always includes wine). 

Meg Quinn Wine & Cheese Board Deck

4. I am in between house cleaners at the moment, which means I've been cleaning my own toilet bowl, and of all the chores in my home, it may be my absolute least favorite. Maybe this cheeky cherry brush will help? 

Cherry toilet bowl cleaner

5. I read every night before bed and often feel like I'm keeping Sean awake by having my bedside lamp on. This seems like a win for everyone, and it's travel-friendly too.  

Hoogo book light

6. The irony of serving something incredibly expensive (and delicious!) in such a bargain as this is very appealing to me. Pro tip: you can sometimes find reasonably priced caviar in the gourmet aisle at Homegoods!

Caviar serving set 

1. An old boss, who was better at giving gifts than being a manager, gave me a salt cellar as a holiday gift one year, and I have to say, it's one of my favorite things in my kitchen—I reach in for a big pinch of sea salt whenever I'm cooking. 

Salt cellar 

2. This sweater has been sitting in my cart for months; it has rave reviews, but I'm not totally sure it's me (plus I have a very similar cardigan). I'm holding out for gray (which is probably on the way) but still kind of obsessed with the stripes. 

Quince polo sweater

3. Bok choy is not my favorite vegetable, and I'm not really an earrings person (I have teeny-tiny earlobes), and yet I can't stop looking at this adorable pair. It's a hoop! It's a drop! It's got a pearl! So cute. 

Bok choy earrings 

4. Shelia Bridges is an interior designer who makes these amazing Harlem Toile de Jouy prints, and I am obsessed with everything in her collaboration with L'Or de Seraphine. I'm sure this candle smells amazing, but I'm in it for the vessel alone.  

L'Or de Seraphine x Shelia Bridges candle 

5. This book is currently on preorder and won't be delivered until May, but, um, I co-wrote it, and it's my first book, and I'm really proud of it. It's about nontoxic home decor, and the interiors are gorgeous. Thanks for your support, and I hope it's worth the wait! 

Live Natural

6. I run hot most of the year, but in the winter, my feet are often so cold, I can't sleep. This cozy foot pad has been my savior; it has a timer, so it automatically shuts off after an hour, once I'm finally, peacefully sound asleep. 

Heated foot pad

1. I read about this store, which happens to be in my old Brooklyn neighborhood, in the Wall Street Journal, and everything on their site is so freaking gorgeous, I am definitely making a trip out there next time I'm in NYC. 

Porto Radicchio serving bowl 

2. This necklace looks a little like Hermès, but with a more low-key, imperfect vibe. The musician Sharon van Etten, whom I love, reportedly bought one for each of her bridesmaids, and I think that's sweet (stars, they're just like us!). 

Merewif Holmes lock necklace 

3. I have this exact plant, and it's the one thing that seems to be thriving in my south-facing bay windows. I'm hoping it grows into a big tree one day; the vibe is so Californian and obviously I'm here for it. 

Olive plant 

4. I feel like you can never have enough throw blankets, especially if you live in a drafty old Victorian like I do. I've recently discovered alpaca blankets, and they're so warm and soft (not scratchy) yet don't make you overheat.

Alpaca throw blanket 

5. I fangirl harder for no one more than Sofia Coppola, who is just the coolest in my book (except maybe for Chloe Sevigny, and wouldn't it be amazing if they worked together one day?!). Also, I love that the cover is unapologetically pink. 

Sofia Coppola Archive 

6. I have an Amazon dupe of this bag that I love, in spite of the fact that it started falling apart the first time I used it. Seriously considering upgrading to the original; it holds a shocking amount of stuff and is perfect for a weekend trip. 

Half Day garment duffel

1. All of the fashion people love Khaite, and I get it, but I am really into the belts above anything else. They're classic-with-a-twist without being all shouty with logos and stuff. This one is my favorite. 

Khaite Bella belt 

2. Aquamarine is my birthstone, and I may be biased, but I think it makes the best stone for a big chonky cocktail ring. I've wanted a vintage one for the longest time, and if this year isn't my year, the good news is that you can usually find a bunch on 1stdibs. 

Vintage aquamarine ring 

3. Toteme is another label that all of the fashion people are obsessed with (me included), and I am finding myself particularly drawn to their bags, which have the most subtle T logo at the clasp and a perfectly slouchy shape. 

Toteme T-lock bag 

4. Jane Birkin is obviously so iconic that Hermès named one of its most famous bags after her, and I was sad when she passed away earlier this year. This print feels like a fitting tribute, and would fit in very well with the wall of black-and-white photos in my bedroom. 

Jane Birkin print 

5. True story: I wandered into the Max Mara store a few weeks ago, promptly fell in love with this coat, couldn't stop thinking about it, and may have ordered one for myself already. It's giving bathrobe, in the most luxurious way possible. 

Max Mara Esturia coat (pink version

6. My friend Kat taught me a fun party trick, which is sabre-ing a bottle of Champagne. You get the bottle very cold, take off the cage, find the seam, take a deep breath, then glide the sabre to the rim and pop goes the cork. Highly recommend. 

Champagne sabre


Christina said...

These are such cute gift ideas for such great prices. Thank you for posting ♡

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh it's that time again right! We agreed on doing gifts but also agreed that we probably buy the same gifts as always, lol.

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

These are fabulous gift ideas! I love that pretty Porto Radicchio serving bowl and those Bok Choy earrings are so fun!

Jill - Doused in Pink

william said...

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