Bon chic, bon genre indeed
You can always count on BCBG to deliver designer-knockoff pantsuits, fun party tops, and, for the most part, consistently stylish clothes. But every once in awhile, they come out with an item that really blows me away. I present the Cardi-wrap, which, from this picture, doesn't look spectacular, but I got a special e-mail showing all the ways it can be worn: open, draped over the shoulder, tied in front, tied in back, backwards and tied in front...the options are endless. It looks like something Rick Owens would design, but better, and, at $146, a hell of a lot cheaper. My only reservations are that it's a silk/cashmere blend (a blend that tends to pill like crazy) and that it comes only in pink. But in the grand scheme of things, I think those are minor objections. BCBG, here I come!

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