Fifth Avenue = Fifth Circle of Hell
Hello everyone! I hope you've missed me. I am back in NYC for a brief 36 hours, then I'm off to Honduras. Since I couldn't shop yesterday (I was traveling), I hit the department stores today. Bloomingdale's was a friggin' zoo--I was there for 10 minutes then called it quits. They did, however, have a rack of Marc by Marc Jacobs that was marked down three times. I'm talking $150 skirts for like $50. Not bad. Bergdorf's has a lot on sale on the 5th floor (usually the only floor I can afford), especially in the way of shoes. Saks has huge racks of sale stuff, particularly on the 5th floor, and also a lot of shoes are on sale (4th and 5th floors). Now, once you're actually in the department stores, it's not so bad, but walking from 59th St. to 50th St. was a virtual nightmare--I walked in the street for most of it. It seems like everyone in the Tristate area was checking out the Christmas windows. So my advice is to walk down Madison in between stores. Yes, it's a block out of your way, but it's worth it.

I'm off to Honduras at 4 a.m. tomorrow, and I'll be gone for a week. Sales are everywhere--keep shopping!

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