Stuff for Mom
Thankfully, my mom is easy to shop for, but I know a lot who aren't. Thus, gift ideas for The Woman Who Gave Birth to You.

For the independent mom: The Barbara K! 30-piece tool kit was designed for women, by women, and comes with a booklet on how to fix stuff around the house.

For the mom who has everything: A Hermes scarf is too obvious--try a bracelet instead.

For the "I was hip back in my day" mom: a vase from the Andy Warhol Museum in Philadelphia.

For pretty much any mom: You can't go wrong with this Ashiana wool wrap.

For a mom who goes crazy with the holiday decorating: The Company Store's Pepperberry wreath and garland come in a variety of sizes and smell darn good too.

For the Waspy mom: Crate & Barrel's Stainless bar set has everything she needs to make countless cocktails.

For a mom who's also a grandma: A photo album filled with pictures of you and your kids will tug at her heartstrings.

For the mom who cooks: A Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan helps her bake some snazzy-looking cakes.

For the mom who needs to chill out: Apothia's Spa Chez Moi basket encourages relaxation.

For the mom who needs to break away from the robin's-egg-blue box: Boucher's Watermelon Quartz set is more colorful (isn't Mom always telling you to wear more color?) and hip.

For the mom who wanders around the house in her skivvies: Cover her up with a new robe.

For pretty much any mom, part II: Show me a mom who doesn't like Barbra Streisand and I'll show you a liar.

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