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I think we can safely say that Goth is here to stay--at least for another season. Case in point: Lindsay Lohan was on the cover of US Weekly wearing an Alexander McQueen skull scarf; earlier this week I read on Gawker that she was spotted "looking Goth" at the Sunday-night party at the Maritime Hotel. Now, I by no means think LL is a fashion icon (despite their night together at Scores, LL is no Kate Moss), but she's a client of Rachel Zoe, one of the most influential stylists in Hollywood. And if the kids start wearing something after the starlets have been wearing it, well, then we have a full-blown trend. So, if you want to dabble in Goth without going whole hog, I suggest adding some Goth accessories to your outfit. McQueen's skull scarf is a good place to start, but I think jewelry is a good way to go too. I've always been a fan of Goth jewelry--I love the ridiculously pricey Chrome Hearts, as well as Cher's favorite (that's Cher the singer/actress, not me, nor Alicia Silverstone's character in Clueless) Loree Rodkin. So a new addition to that whole genre is Exhibitionist NYC, a Lower East Side-based store and showroom. The site is simply organized by collection, which I think is a good starting point. Some of the items are missing prices, but I'm sure if you call or email the store, they can help you out. The Spirito Signature collection is quite pricey--most of the baubles are four figures, but they're also totally gorgeous (and made from precious stones). I'm a big jewelry girl, so I love the Cocktail Couture collection, filled with oversized gems (like this lovely Topaz cocktail ring). The hardcore Goth stuff can be found in the Memento Mori collections, as well as the Crown Jewels and Religion sections. The most traditional look would be this skull pendant or, for the man in your life, these kickass skull cufflinks. There's great stuff in the Charming section too: I love the look of wearing a ton of necklaces at once, for example. You can also shop from a section of items currently featured in magazines (it doesn't tell you, however, what was in which magazine); I don't know who featured these pretty star pendants, but they're so cute, who cares? Now, if I weren't facing a huge expense in the near future (i.e. moving), I think I might treat myself to something. Here's my short list: this aquamarine tiered necklace features my birthstone; I think these cognac citrine and sapphire earrings are gorgeous, but they might be a bit heavy for my tiny, detached earlobes; I like this skull and crossbones necklace because it's an interesting, fresh take on the whole skull trend, plus it's on the affordable side; I love this beautiful three-strand pearl and lion necklace, which has that layered look without having to buy three separate necklaces; and I love the simple, innocent look of this angel wing charm. So while Goth fashion might be a fleeting trend, I think Goth jewelry is a smart investment--well, just like any piece of jewelry. Diamonds--or rubies, or emeralds, or aquamarines--are, after all, a girl's best friend.

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