Golden Globes fashion roundup
Lots of black, lots of white, many short dresses, and in spite of all the stylists, some missteps. So without further ado, the best and the worst, with some honorable and dishonorable mentions.


Reese Witherspoon: "Hi, y'all. I'm wearing a smokin' hot bright yellow dress from Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens. That's right, I'm one of the first people to wear one of his new dresses in public. And did you see my red satin shoes? Who needs a pot-smoking, threesome-having, infinitely-less-talented (albeit hot) husband when I can look this good?"

Penelope Cruz: Not one of my favorite actresses, and I question her choice of boyfriends, but for once she made a right choice on the red carpet--proving you can never go wrong with Chanel.

Jessica Biel: Seriously, when did she get so hot? Did you see the pictures of her playing volleyball with Derek Jeter? Her body is sick. I love this dress, too--it's sexy without being "Look at me!" sexy (see Beyonce, below).

Honorable mention

Ali Larter: Supposedly she tried this dress on for the first time several hours before the show began. It shows. But if it weren't for the ill-fitting bodice, Ali would've been under Best Dressed.

JLO: I'm not quite sure why JLO was even at this event (has she been in any movies lately?), but with a dress like this, who cares? Okay, it's a bit dramatic, but this is JLO we're talking about.

Jennifer Garner: I love Jennifer Garner, and while this dress, like most of the ones she chooses for the red carpet, makes her shoulders look a bit broad, I'm willing to overlook it, based on the uniqueness of it (it's vintage Gaultier), and the fact that, hey, she's Sydney Bristow!

Dishonorable mention

Cate Blanchett: I respect that this woman takes some straight-up fashion risks, however this is one of those times that the risk does not pay off. Does this remind anyone else of Demi Moore's lace-and-bike-shorts concoction?

Cameron Diaz: I did not hate this dress, but it just didn't seem very Cameron Diaz to me. Maybe it's the brown hair that's impairing her judgment. But if she was trying to get Justin Timberlake back, this was not the way to do it. (See instead Reese Witherspoon.)

Drew Barrymore: I get that Drew didn't want to nip out again this year, but I felt like this dress wasn't doing her any favors either. The color washed her out, the self-tanner was a bit much, and I don't like Drew's hair up. Good try, though.


Beyonce: Okay, Beyonce, we get it. Jennifer Hudson may be winning all the awards, but you're the hot one. Hey, who needs a statuette when you can dress up like one yourself?

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Where do I start with her? If Jennifer Love Hewitt ever showed up at an event in a dress that fit her, flattered her, and didn't look like she bought it at the Beauty Queen store at the mall, I think I'd die of shock.

Sienna Miller: She's another risk-taker, and while I love the grungy-bohemian stuff she normally wears, this dress was just a bit too disjointed for me--the metallic top and chiffon skirt look like they belong to two different gowns. I did, however, like the braid.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I agree..Reese, Penelope and Jessica Biel chose really well. I think Drew and Beyonce probably looked worst and I actually liked Sienna's dress better than her hair..too dutch milk maid for the affair in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Gooooooooooooooo Reese....She is cute, fabulous, and a real role model...Too bad Ryan couldn't handle a girl who was more successful than him...there's a word we have in London for guys like that...begins with W ends with r...ask your Brit friends

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ryan's clearly a wanker.

Anonymous said...

Penelope Cruz seems so beautiful in that black floating dress. But JLo’s outfit is so horrible! To the person concerned: please don’t mind.