New features at Cheryl Shops!
In case you want to search anything on Cheryl Shops (I've been around for--yikes--over three years now, after all), I've added a Google search bar on the right. You can search within Cheryl Shops, or you can search the web at large. I know the Blogger search bar at the top of the page is kind of crappy and unpredictable, so this should make finding things much easier. I've also added Google AdSense ads on the right sidebar below the archive. The great thing about these is that, through the magic of Google, the ads are generated through Cheryl Shops searches, so hopefully they'll start to reflect what you, my dear readers, are looking for.

On that note, I'd like to remind you about the ads found at the end of the right-hand sidebar, under "Recommended Shopping." (They haven't been updated in awhile, but hopefully I will get around to that one of these days.) These are all websites that I actually do recommend and shop from myself, and whenever you buy something from them, I get a small but helpful kickback. So, please, click on them and shop to your heart's content, because it supports the day-to-day operations of Cheryl Shops. To quote Liz Phair, it's nice to be liked, but it's better by far to get paid.

That said, it is nice to be liked. If you look to the right-hand sidebar, you'll notice a little icon for the Glam Network Awards. If you have a second, please click on it (or the link above) and vote for me. My inner high school wallflower will greatly appreciate it.

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