Object of desire
I am a Thierry Mugler girl. I alternate between two of his lesser-known fragrances and basically love everything the man does (which, sadly, nowadays, is limited to perfume). I am even on the Thierry Mugler mailing list, through which I was very excited to hear about the "Perfume" Coffret. Inspired by the current movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (a two-story-tall poster of which I can see perfectly from my living room), this set contains 15 scents--everything from the conventional (but supposedly breathtaking) Absolu Jasmine to the intriguing Virgin No. 1 and the puzzling Human Existence (ah, the French). The set isn't meant to be worn; rather, it's an exercise in the art of perfumery (or parfumèrie, as it were). But, alas, art comes at a price: $700, to be exact. Makes that $80 bottle of Angel seem like a bargain, no?

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Such a fabulous site!

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