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While I joke about fashion people being notoriously slow to adapt to technology, it's kind of the pot calling the kettle black. Yes, this blog has been around since 2003, but at some point, social media kind of passed me by, and I am slowly easing myself into it. I started a Twitter feed last year, yes, but only recently linked my RSS feed to it. And I've been on Facebook for years, but only today did I decide to make a Facebook fan page for Cheryl Shops. I generally use Facebook for personal purposes (my apologies to those of you who've tried to friend me and I've ignored you--it was, well, nothing personal), but I thought it was about time I try something new.

So, why should you become a fan of Cheryl Shops? My RSS feed goes to my Facebook page too, so you can see when I update the blog, without having to check back all the time. Plus, you'll get my real-time updates from Fashion Week and the various other events I attend but don't always post about. I'll also be sharing pictures from said events. Plus, there's something major that I can't talk about yet, but that I'll be sharing with you super-soon. Also, it's just a nice way to show that you care. So, please, become a fan today! (Or if not today, click on the box at the left tomorrow, or the day after...)

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Unknown said...

Joined your FB page. Looking forward to all of the fantastic Cheryl Shops NYFW coverage!