Cheryl Shops for...Tory Burch Jeans

At most press events I go to, I say hello to the PR girls (or guys), grab a glass of wine, take a stroll around to look at the clothes, then go on my merry way, a process that usually takes 20 minutes max. However, the other night I attended a launch for Tory Burch's new denim line at her Meatpacking District store, and I must say, it was the most fun I've ever had at one of these things. (Then again, Tory knows how to be a good hostess.) Yes, there was food and drink to be had, but the main event was that all of the online editors and bloggers in attendance were asked to style a look incorporating a pair of jeans. We had free reign over everything in the store--shoes, bags, jewelry, and did I mention shoes? It was far more challenging than one would expect, but instead of trying to create something funky or super-individualistic or "editorial," I just picked things that I would wear. So here's my outfit at right--the model is wearing the Frankie jacket, denim leggings (here's a similar style), Ginevra booties, the Danielle and Karen cuffs, an Afrikan bracelet, and what I'm pretty sure are these oversized sunglasses. The top I used was a sleeveless silk tunic-length style with scalloped tiers, and the scarf is actually a fine-gauge metallic-stripe sweater that I tied around the model's neck--both are currently unavailable on the website. I forgot to add a bag (zoinks!), but the model was so fabulous, you almost don't miss it.

Now, here's the fun part. If you go to THE LATEST tab on Tory's Facebook page, you can see all the looks from the event (mine is the third) and vote for your favorite by typing the name of the blog. (Subliminal message: Vote for meeee!) In the interest of full disclosure, whoever gets the most votes wins their entire look. Then again, regardless of whether I win, I am definitely buying those clog boots!

As for the denim, it's good stuff. I tried on a few pairs--jeggings, tomboy, and skinny--and can report that the pockets are well-placed (key for giving your bum a good shape), the feel is supersoft, and the fits are flattering and true to size. I settled on a skinny jean with a carpenter loop--it's not available on the website at the moment, but there are a few pairs left at the Meatpacking and Nolita stores. (I should also note, again in the interest of full disclosure, that I, and all attendees, received a free pair, which was an incredibly generous gift.) The price points hover around the $200 mark, putting them on par with Paige, J Brand, and Current Elliott, but like most of Tory's clothing, there's a certain accessibility to it--it's stylish but not scary. Go ahead and try a is currently offering free shipping (and returns) on all jeans.

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