Buy it: Species by the Thousands jewelry

Although I don't live in it, Fort Greene is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn. MW and I took a stroll over there last Saturday; we had brunch outdoors at the excellent Ici, and then we decided to check out the Brooklyn Flea. Much has been written about the awesomeness that is the Flea, and while I don't know that I can contribute anything that hasn't already been said, I will say that it's a great place for two of my favorite things: vintage clothing and handmade jewelry. (And also lobster rolls, but that's an entirely different story for a different blog.) While there is no shortage of the former (in varying degrees of price and quality, of course), a unique jewelry vendor is a great find, which is why I was so psyched to discover Species by the Thousands. I like a little Goth in my jewels, and Species by the Thousands' weird forest-creature aesthetic is totally up my alley. They have wolf rings, cleaver pendants, and oh-so-current extended twig rings. I bought a monocle pendant that's no longer available on the site, and, at $25, it was the bargain of the day. (They were also selling pendants made from vintage spoon handles; I'm kicking myself for not buying one, and I'm contemplating going back this weekend to see if they have any more.) Species by the Thousands also sells clothing of a similar eco-woodsman yarn; I like this vaguely pagan moon sweater. It should also be noted that Urban Outfitters, which in the past has knocked off cool indie designers but has since begun to champion them, now carries the line. However, I will continue to shop for it at the Flea because, as Species' website notes, "How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the psychopath." And I'll take the psychopath any day.

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