What to wear with a white eyelet top

Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I'm a white top addict. Every spring and summer, I buy at least two or three of them. They are all a little different—crocheted, embroidered, eyelet, voile, gauze—and thus all totally necessary in my mind. In my defense, I wear them nonstop in the warmer months; I think they're more interesting than basic tees, and they keep me slightly warmer in the Northern California weather. But to me, they're special summer snowflakes—no two are alike, and so my addiction persists. This year's collection is off to a great start, and since the weather in Napa was delightful last weekend (I stayed in Calistoga for Easter), I was excited to break out my newest purchase.

I used to have a top very similar to this one that I loved but that fit me strangely; I sold it a while ago on Poshmark and had been search for a replacement ever since. I spotted this one in Zara and knew right away it would be perfect. The fabric is light and almost sheer, but the cut is a little relaxed and flattering. The three-quarter-length sleeves work in a variety of temperatures, and the detail—lace trim, allover embroidery—is just gorgeous. For $50, I feel like you can't go wrong here!


I found this denim skirt (last seen here) last summer after a long search for the perfect one. Denim skirts tend to be either waaay too short or waaay too slim; I know there are people out there who claim pencil skirts are universally flattering, but they just don't work on me. Anyway, it's a challenge to find a slightly A-line denim mini, but this one is from Topshop and it's perfect. (Although as with nearly everything at Topshop, I recommend sizing up, which is what I did here.) I love it so much, I'm contemplating ordering it in white.


I saw this satchel last fall at Madewell when I was working on this post, and I've been jonesing for it ever since. (Side note: this post is taking on a very addictive theme, but I'm not mad at that.) Thankfully, my parents bought it for me for my birthday (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and even had it monogrammed with my initials. The leather is really soft and malleable; the bag is unlined, so it's incredibly lightweight too. I love the two strap options, and the size is perfect for both the weekend and every day. Expect to see a lot of this one here.



My shoes are also from Madewell, and speaking of things I buy every spring, a pair of Madewell sandals is definitely one of them. These caught my eye because they're covered enough to wear most of the year, but they're also springy in sentiment, thanks to the open toe. I also like that you can wear them as a slingback, as I am here, or you can flip the buckle to the front so they're more like a mule. These are true to size and pretty comfy in spite of having a 3.5-inch heel.


Calistoga is a pretty magical place. It's in Napa Valley, so it's surrounded by wineries, but the town sits on a geothermal hot spring, so many of the resorts have spas and pools featuring this healing mineral water. We stayed at Indian Springs, which has two huge pools (one is adults-only) and a big spa where you can soak in hot volcanic ash, as I did on Sunday morning. (It's a strange but incredibly relaxing experience; I would not recommend it if you are claustrophobic and/or slightly hung over, as I was that morning.) I highly recommend the resort: the rooms are comfortable and recently renovated, and the property is huge, with a ton of things to do—croquet, bikes, shuffleboard, badminton…and there's even a tractor.


OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara top || Topshop denim skirt || Madewell Prague satchel || Madewell Riley mules || Bonnie Clyde sunglasses via Box of Style



notdeadyetstyle said...

Love this look - i am a lace top addict myself! Great skirt and bag too, and the day looks beautiful. thanks for lining up, xo


Maureen said...

Beautiful white lace top Cheryl! It looks lovely paired with your denim skirt. Love the cognac shoes too! The color is so pretty. 💕

Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

Federica Di Nardo said...

Nice look!


Carrie said...

Such an adorable top on you! I love the white breathable fabric and it is so cute with the frayed denim skirt. My fave photo is the one of you on the tractor!


Unknown said...

Those look like very comfortable sandals! I would definitely wear them! I love how all of this is styled.


Laura B said...

That top is lovely on you! I have a white eyelet top too and love to wear it in spring and summer!

Claire Justine said...

Such a beautiful top Cheryl. It looks lovely :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

passion fruit, paws and peonies said...

I adore this outfit it's completely something I would love to wear! x

Jessica Jannenga said...

I think I may just become a white shirt addict! I love this top, such a pretty style and embroidery. i just bought a white shirt on Mango i look forward to wearing. i would like 2-3 more for the summer/spring as they look so fresh, lov it with your denim skirt!
Happy Friday
jess xx