My 2021 birthday wishlist

My birthday is next Tuesday, and it is kind of comically tragic to think that exactly a year ago, I left for a trip to London and Paris. This year, we are spending the upcoming weekend in Santa Barbara, which is about as glamorous as things get nowadays, but I'm very thankful nonetheless. Pandemic aside, the other big difference with my birthday this year is that while I always treat myself to something extra nice, I don't have anything specific in mind this year—yet. Maybe it's because last year's present has not exactly been put to good use (although I'm bringing it this weekend!), or maybe it's because the pandemic has made me realize that I already have everything I need. Kidding! I think it's more that I've been so busy with my new job, I haven't had a lot of time to think about it. But here are a few ideas I've been kicking around—let me know in the comments which one(s) you think I should get!

1. Speaking of London, I smelled all of the diffusers in The Conran Shop last year when I was there, and this one was my favorite. I have clearly been on a home-fragrance kick lately and while I feel like I've hacked it with my diffusers, this would be lovely for my powder room, where it's not ideal to run an electric diffuser 24/7. 

Dr Vranjes Oud Nobile diffuser $100

2. I've had my eyes on these Isabel Marant boots for several seasons now, and up until last year when I bought a bag, I've traditionally bought a pair of fancy shoes for myself on my birthday. So these seem like a logical choice, except...I spend most of my day in slippers, so this seems like a lot of money for something I'm probably not going wear much (for the time being). Maybe next year? 

Isabel Marant Denvee boots $875

3. Ganni basically makes a version of this dress every year, and for whatever reason, I can never get my act together to buy one before they sell out (which they always do). This year's dress is a little more colorful, and while that makes me a little nervous, I recently decided I need to pull myself out of the French-girl-minimalist hole I've fallen into and I think this might just be the rope I need. 

Ganni plaid dress $285

4. I am still several years away from a Hermès bag, but a belt seems a little more within reach. As you likely know, I love a good statement belt and I've been obsessed with the Collier de Chien belt for years (plus I feel like it's time to move on from my Gucci Marmont). Hermès doesn't have this wider version on their website (and I hate to think what it costs at full price), but it's the one that I want. Thankfully, it can be found on resale sites like Vestaire Collective and The Real Real—which is a more sustainable way to shop anyway!

Hermès Collier de Chien belt $1,261


Mica said...

I love that maxi dress - it would be so cute for summer, and you would rock that belt too! :) I'm sure you will pick out the perfect thing for your birthday next week!

Hope that you had a nice weekend :) It was a bit hot and humid here but we still managed to get out to the park :)

Away From The Blue

Lovely said...

Happy Birthday! I love everything in your wishlist, especially the Hermes belt.

Laura B said...

That Hermes belt is gorgeous! I hope you get everything on your list!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Cheryl, I hope you had the most wonderful birthday! I love those boots and the dress! I would even wear them together! A diffuser is always a good gift idea, too. I love mine. Thanks for sharing your birthday wish list and linking with me, my friend.


Blake Clark said...

Thank you for thiss