The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Boyfriend or Brother
After working at a men's magazine for two and a half years, I should know.

For the gadget dork: Now that he has an iPod, he's so over CDs. With this inMotion portable audio system, he can ditch the monster stereo system. Unless, of course, he has his home theatre system hooked up to it...

For the guy who always has at least three days' worth of beard growth: Drop a hint with this Art of Shaving gift set, which features all the tools he needs to execute an old-school shave, plus a 100-page book extolling the virtues of a clean-shaven man.

For the guy who's always checking his cell phone for the time: This Diesel leather-strap watch looks more like a cool, sleek cuff bracelet than a watch, and its innovative design is definitely a good conversation-starter.

For the guy whose wallet is the size of a brick: Once he removes those three-year-old gas station receipts and movie ticket stubs, he can put his cards, money, and a picture of you in this perforated leather J-Fold wallet.

For the guy with a strong inner 12-year-old: The guys in my office are going nuts for the Nintendo DS, which, from what I can tell, is like a souped-up GameBoy. For amusement at the expense of others, read the user reviews.

For the stylish guy: The cool thing about this Ben Sherman Mercury sweater is that I can picture guys with a range of styles wearing it--prepsters can wear it with a polo shirt and docksiders, hipsters can pair it with thrift-store pants and Converse sneakers, and even hip-hop guys can rock it with baggy jeans and Timbs. (Yeah, I'm down with the lingo!)

For the guy who still carries his backpack from college: If he's an big boy now, it's time to upgrade to a big-boy bag. This Hugo Boss St. Moritz messenger bag is sleek, but utilitarian enough not to scream metrosexual.

For the football enthusiast: MW and his friend CK play some football game on PlayStation for hours on end. I can only imagine the fun they'd have with this EA Sports Madden Football Mat.

For the sk8r boy: Crazy Jackass Bam Margera designed a line of skateboards for Element, and this Comanche skateboard deck, vaguely reminiscent of The Partridge Family, is my favorite. Hopefully it won't be used to crash into bushes or a lake full of alligators.

For any guy: When in doubt, do your part to fight dirty-sock odor and buy him some new cologne. Some of my favorites: Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Burberry Brit.

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