The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide Bonus Edition: Your Girlfriend (For Guys)
Because we all know you haven't even started shopping yet.

For the girl who appreciates subtle luxuries: You don't have to drop $1,000 on a designer handbag to make your woman happy (seriously), but a little Louis Vuitton agenda can put a smile on her face every time she peeks inside her bag.

For the girl who thinks she's Carrie (or Miranda, or Charlotte, or Samantha): She probably already has all six Sex and the City seasons on DVD, so she'd love this behind-the-scenes book written by Amy Sohn.

For the girl who enjoys dressing up: La Perla lingerie may be the classiest, but Agent Provocateur is way sexier. Need proof? Check out this Fifi slip.

For the sophisticated lady: Imagine how elegant she'll look with Kimberly Faith's gorgeous opera necklace draped around her neck.

For the old-school dame: She'll look totally chic when she travels and carries this Bobbi Brown train case. Granted, no one really looks glamorous when they travel anymore, but one can try.

For the progressive feminist: If you're a guy, you probably don't remember the scene in Father of the Bride when the daughter freaks out because her fiancee gets her a blender and she views it as a symbol of repression of women, etc. If your girl could give a crap about such issues, get her DeLonghi's commercial stainless steel blender so she can make smoothies and, more importantly, margaritas.

For the girl who's always cold: Personally, I'm either freezing my ass off or sweating like a hog, but I know many girls who are always shivering. So buy her this Juicy Couture fur-lined hoodie and end her teeth-chattering ways.

For the girl who always smells good: I can't give away any secrets here, but Red Flower makes some of the best-smelling products on earth. Take your pick of lotions, bath gels, candles, or all of the above.

For the girl you're afraid to buy clothes for: I can't think of any girl who wouldn't like this Cardi-wrap sweater, which can be individualized in umpteen ways.

For any girl: I think Boucher's four-inch duster earrings would look good on just about anyone, and you can get them in your choice of stone.

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