Random notes
1) Tomorrow I'm going to jump into the 21st century and get a cable modem. Hopefully this will assist in my doing Cheryl Shops from home.

2) Inevitably, Women's Wear Daily discovered I'd been reading it for free for years (I'm guessing other people were doing it, too) and upgraded its website, so now you can't read anything without a subscription. Bastards. So, unfortunately, I will no longer be linking to it.

3) Along those same lines, while I had much free time to read the various online fashion publications at my old job, I am actually quite busy at my new job. So, in the interest of having some time to myself when I get home from work, I'll no longer be posting a daily digest. I will post some noteworthy news stories as they occur, but it will not be a regular Cheryl Shops feature anymore. Of course, please feel free to comment on this decision; if a lot of people miss daily digest, I'll consider bringing it back.

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