The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Babies and Pets
Things that make you go, "Awww..."

For a fashionista baby Gywneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple, wears 'em, so you know baby Uggs are the real deal.

For the fashionista pet (but, really, more for you): One of the best parts about having a little toy dog is that you can carry it around in cute carriers like the Charlie bag, a pretty good knockoff of Marc Jacobs' Stella tote.

For a baby who's outside a lot: Since we're New Yorkers who rely on walking and public transportation, we don't have the luxury of carting our kids around in warm, heated cars. So swaddle the kid in Gap's sherpa bundler, which is sure to keep your wee one toasty. For bonus cute points, add the matching hat.

For the cat who rules your apartment: Your cat probably already knows he or she is royalty, but this crown-adorned Swarovski collar will remind you daily.

For the baby with Linus aspirations: If the kid's going to drag its blanket around everywhere for the next six or seven years, it might as well be cute. Hence, Red Envelope's lamb blanket. Cue cooing.

For the New Age baby: If Mom's at Jivamukti every morning at 9, get the kid this Little Yogi Kit so he can start his "practice" at a ripe, early age.

For the eccentric baby: Granted, most New York City babies are a bit on the eccentric side, but it takes true personality to pull off this vintage-y sock monkey sweater.

For a dog with a strong personality: You can't put this ladylike sweater on a German Shepherd. And as much as I think it's totally dorky when people dress up their pets, this sweater is just too hilarious.

For any baby: A little baby probably won't appreciate Kiehl's baby gift set, but rest assured, his parents will--if only to steal the products for themselves.

For any pet: When boring ceramic or stainless steel won't do, Jonathan Adler's pet bowls work for both cats and dogs.

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