America's Next Top Model recap
Awww, yeah, getting down to business on America's Next Top Model. So, to begin this week's episode, the contestants found out that this season's action will be taking place in Los Angeles, because that's where Tyra "got her start," whatever that means. I think fliming in L.A. is probably more convenient for everyone, but, hello, everyone knows real models work in NYC. So maybe that's where they'll send the final models, instead of to Europe or Japan (which, in my opinion, was a huge disaster and totally boring). Anyway, the girls got right down to business with a photo shoot with a police car, in which they were supposed to be "aliens." This season's girls are all around naturally better at posing than last season, which is a welcome development. Then the next day, everyone got a makeover--clearly Tyra is changing up the format a bit! They made subtle improvements on most girls, but radical (and for the better) changes on some. And although I was a bit wary of the platinum hair they gave wrestler Michelle (why must they always make someone platinum?), it ended up looking pretty hot and totally changing her look. Tiffany also looks much better with her superlong extensions. Brandy, who was a brat at the photo shoot, was also a brat at the salon, as was Compton gal Keenyah. But it ended up being blonde hottie Brita who got the boot. The judges claimed it was because of her bad photograph (it was pretty bad), but I have a feeling it was because of her body, upon which everyone commented during the shoot. Part of me was like, "bitches!", but then the rational part realized that it's probably good that they got rid of her now, so she doesn't have to suffer through more "fat" or "swimsuit" or "plus-size" comments later in the game. (Another addition to the show was Ms. Jay coming in to measure the height and weight and to take measurements of all the girls--again, alienating as a woman, but necessary as a model.) I probably would've gotten rid of Brandy, because she was a big ol' brat, but Tyra gave her some Tough Love, so hopefully she'll get her act together.

Next week: The girls learn how to walk, courtesy of Ms. Jay, and Michelle appears to have some sort of weird medical condition. (There's always someone, isn't there?)

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