America's Next Top Model recap
So, this week's episode of America's Next Top Model was the ol' "Jay Alexander Teaches the Girls How to Walk" episode, except that in this season, the girls were given huge clunky clogs and walked along yard lines in a football stadium. I guess the producers have to keep it interesting. The girls then had a walk-off at 6 in the morning at a K-Mart; it was down to Naima and Rebecca, but Rebecca won--a pleasant surprise. She got to pick five pals, and all won a free pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes (hello, product placement), while the losers had to wait on them at the store (and got quite bitchy and resentful about it). Meanwhile, Michelle, the wrestler, had been acting a bit bizarre, but it finally came out (pardon the pun) that she's bisexual, and all was well in the house again. The girls then had a photo shoot, in which they had to pose with a male model, a bouquet of flowers, and 10 dogs. A bit busy, yes, but so far they've been going easy on the crazy makeup and hair that the show was so big on last season. And, oh yeah, during judging, Rebecca fainted and freaked everyone's shit right out. Apparently she has some sort of neurological disorder and faints from time to time. But ever the trouper, she made it back in time for the selection. In the end, it was down to Sarah, the girl who got a hot short hairdo, and Brittany, the totally obnoxious chick from florida. (During judging, while discussing Brittany's photo, which, admittedly, did look like a porno cover, Tyra uttered my favorite line of hers ever: "You look like the classy porno cover, the one that's $39.99. How do I know that?") But Sarah, who had a crap photo and who couldn't walk (and--take note--also had one of the curvier bodies) got the boot. That wouldn't have been my choice (Brittany is gross, and I still think Brandy is a brat), but all unworthy contestants will be eliminated in due time.

Next week, two girls throw down, and one model takes "the worst picture ever." Can't wait!

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