The Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide
Update: I went back and corrected all the links by hand, so hopefully everything works now. If not, please e-mail me or post a comment. Thanks for your patience!

So, what will you be wearing when (or if) the weather ever edges above 60 degrees? In a word: boho. Remember the peasant look of four summers ago? Instead of embroidered puffy-sleeve blouses and fringed belts, this year’s bohemian look is more covered and luxe. (Yes, think Mary-Kate’s “bobo” look, but less ill-fitting.) The good news about the boho look—aside from how easygoing and relaxed it is—is that it’s easy to obtain at a reasonable price. Which will make you feel better when you realize you can’t wear any of this stuff next summer because the look will be all sleek. Anyway, here are my 10 favorite trends for spring at all price points: “Basic” is (to me) a reasonable amount to spend ($100-$300), “Budget” is under $100, and “Bonus” is over $300. So here we go!

Basic: If I could name one store that best embodies the boho look, it would be Calypso. So their Calypso Kurta is an easy choice: It’s textbook kurta with embroidery along the neckline and sleeves, and a light, airy look courtesy of the crinkly cotton voile fabric (and it comes in your choice of pretty pastel shades). This Inca beaded tunic is more sheer and has more intricate detailing—the tunic goes ultra-glam.
Bonus: Of course, if you bump up your budget, you can get a more unique-loooking tunic, like this ombré tunic. It has the same basic shape, but with a cool ombré effect and additional embelishment along the waist. No budget at all? This Tory by TRB tunic has rhinestone trim for an all-out luxe look, sure to be spotted at pool parties throughout the Hamptons this summer.
Budget: The good news is that you can get a really cool tunic for less than $100. This Yank tunic (copy written by yours truly) has beading toward the hem, instead of around the neck and sleeves. Of course, Urban Outfitters is always a great place to find the boho look, and I like this embroidered tunic because it’s more graphic-looking and different—and it’s only embroidered, no beads.
And for a true “I’m never going to wear this again” price, try this tunic from my new discovery Hollister—it’s a bargain at $39.50.

Peasant skirts
Basic: Again, the best place to go for this look is Calypso, so this Lace sequin skirt is an obvious, but totally cute, choice. But my favorite designer, Marc Jacobs, also does the boho look quite well, and I love this eyelet skirt, a cute, cropped take on the trend. (And I love it paired with the army jacket—how Downtown!)
Bonus: While Calypso is probably the most obvious choice for most of us, Chloe is the best way to get the true “bobo” look, in that this skirt is a very un-bohemain $1k. A high-end peasant skirt that’s worth the money is this shimmer skirt by Sage, handmade by artisans in India, and totally gorgeous (this site has several different styles by this brand—check them out).
Budget: Thankfully, the juniors department is a great place to find a peasant skirt, usually for less than $50. This DMBM bohemian skirt from Nordstrom is a great buy at $38. For a look that’s slightly more Mary-Kate, try this ankle-length Lux skirt from Urban Outfitters.

Basic: Now, I hate shorts and I rarely wear them, even to the gym. But I must say, Bermudas are a style I can get behind. They cover up the wobbly parts but still show a little leg, and because they’re longer, they’re not going to get all bunchy (a condition suffered by those of us with big thighs). The wide waistband on this Billy Blues Bermuda is ultra-flattering. If you’re a bit slimmer in the thigh, you’ll look great in this slim-fitting Vince bermuda (available in colors other than white, too).
Bonus: Come on, now, are you really going to spend more than $300 on a pair of shorts?
Budget: When I was younger and actually wore shorts, I’d get new ones every year at the Gap. And it’s still a great bet for shorts: this pair is clean, simple, and affordable. But not as affordable as this pair from Gap’s little sister, Old Navy.

Cropped jeans
Basic: I wear jeans year ‘round, but when the temperature goes above 80, I tend to leave ‘em in the closet. Enter cropped jeans, which have all sorts of cool details and a great fit. I love the styling of this Citizens of Humanity jean, which, okay, costs more than a regular pair, but is still quite cool. Everyone’s all abuzz about Salt Works jeans, and this crop has a classic shape but the fun cuffs and broken-in look mean you’ll wear it all summer—with everything.
Bonus: I’m ont quite sure why anyone would want to spend more than $300 on a pair of jeans (and this was the only one I could find that fits that price point), but if you do, the patches and distressed details on this Antik cropped jean are pretty cool.
Budget: Again, Old Navy is a great place to go for bargain basics, and I bet with the right top and shoes, this cropped jean will look a lot more expensive than it is. I also like the ultra broken-in look of this Hollister cropped jean.

Cami tunics
Basic: Not to be confused with the plain ol’ tunic, the cami tunic is a tube, halter, or cami on top and a bit more free-form in its styling. I love this butterfly tunic because, well, it has butterflies on it, but it’s quite versatile too—wear it on its own, or with jeans. And I love pretty much anything Rebecca Taylor does, but this silk embroidered tunic is just so delicate and pretty and feminine, my inner girly-girl can’t resist it.
Bonus: I also love Sass & Bide (note: Forever 21 does excellent knockoffs, although they’re on the small side), and if I had $500, I’d gladly plunk it down for this super-sexy Dazzling Moment top. For the Jessica Simpson fans out there, can’t you see her in this tube tunic?
Budget: I fell in love with this XOXO cami tunic as soon as I saw the sample (again, I wrote the copy for it), because it’s so darn cute and, at $69, a pretty good deal. And speaking of butterflies…well, I just think this sequin-trim top has a cool shape with the V-neckline and cool details like beaded butterflies and a dip-dyed effect at the hem.

Crocheted tops
Basic: Also a boho-look staple, the crocheted top has a new look, either as a cropped coverup or in a longer tunic shape. This short crocheted top by hot new label La Rok looks great as Bop styled it—with a tank and jeans. For in-between weather, I love this crocheted coat by Betsey Johnson. It’s a bit over-the-top, but I think a lot of (confident) girls could pull it off.
Bonus: At $700, this Vera Wang bolero is a bit extravagant, but I think it’s cool that it’s made out of raffia. I feel that you can’t go wrong with the classic tunic shape of this Charles Nolan sweater.
Budget: I absolutely adore this super-colorful crocheted bolero by Free People and will be ordering it ASAP. And at $28, I think this adorable crocheted cami is a great deal (again, I wrote the copy).

Basic: Now you might be thinking, “How is the gaucho different from the bermuda?” Well, the gaucho is much wider in the leg and often longer in length. While I often prefer a woven on my lower half, this crop (pardon the pun) of pants tends to be knit—meaning ultimate comfort for you. Also, gauchos are affordable. This Ella Moss gaucho is a mere $86, and I can’t really tell the difference between it and this $178 pair (which also comes in black).
Bonus: Like Bermudas, spending more than $300 isn’t really an option. Are you complaining?
Budget: And while I can’t really tell the difference between an $86 pair and a $178 pair, this $28 pair from Macy’s looks pretty good to me, as does this, um, other $28 pair from Urban Outfitters. Yay for affordable trends!

Basic: Wedges are the new flip-flops, or so I was told at a merchandising meeting. I love wedges, so this is good news to me. I love this totally wacky pair of Faryl Robin wedges, and would wear them with everything from a peasant skirt to cropped jeans. And while, in the past, I have lamented the fashionification of the espadrille, I think I’m a convert after checking out these totally hot Christian Louboutin wedge espadrilles, which, by the way, are the most affordable pair of Louboutin shoes I’ve ever seen.
Bonus: If you’re going to drop major money on a pair of shoes, why not make it a totally wacky pair that’s only going to go with, like one outfit? This Jimmy Choo wedge fits that bill. More the practical type? You can’t go wrong with at Prada wedge (and, yes, for the super-practical girls, it also comes in black).
Budget: I think this Enzo Angiolini wedge has a totally classic shape, plus I like the cork sole. For a really good deal, this ribbon espadrille is super cute, and a mere $16.50.

Embellished flats
Budget: The best part about embellished flats? It’s hard to find a pair for more than $100. So these are all budget picks. Again, Urban outfitters is a great place to go for this look, and their beaded flat is so cheap, you can get one in every color. I’m a sucker for sequins, so of course I love this sequined flat, while this Dr. Scholl’s Mary Jane is an even better deal. This Jeffrey Campbell flat comes in all manner of exotic color combinations, like purple and black with gold embroidery and beading. This embroidered satin flat is, at $16, a ridiculously good deal. And for an all-out bright look, this Dahi slip-on can be perfectly coordinated with your outfit.

Metallic hobo
Basic: The hobo is the bag that just won’t die. This spring, it’s back in bright metallics—silver, blue, green, whatever. This Plunket & Pivet flat metallic hobo is quite a deal, considering it’s real leather, and it has a slightly more sleek shape, for those who don’t like the hobo’s bunchy shape. Celebrities love this Allison Burns Faithfull hobo, and I do too—its shape is more interesting, and I like the long strap, which is a nice change from the bags that are all up in your armpit.
Bonus: Rafe’s Mischa hobo is named after my favorite OC star and has a foxy embossed snakeskin pattern. And I just love this ridiculously expensive but totally cool Meli Melo hobo. What can I say? I’m a sucker for green.
Budget: One of the best places on the web (or in Los Angeles) for super-trendy stuff, Intuition has this metallic tote in all sorts of colors. Yeah, so, it’s a tote and not a hobo, but for $25, are you going to complain? Another great buy is the Jennifer hobo from Delia’s. It’s simple, not too flashy, but still trendy.

Phew. I hope you’ve absorbed this all. Now make your list and hit the stores!


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