Yet another reality TV sighting
So, on my way back from lunch today, a rather ghetto-fabulous woman standing at the security counter of my office building caught my eye: tall, jeans tucked into brown boots, huge gold-rimmed sunglasses. As I got closer, I realized it was none other than Eva from America's Next Top Model. So then, of course, I said really loudly, "Hey, look, it's Eva from America's Next Top Model!" Eva didn't acknowledge me; she looked really pissed off. Which is understandable, because the security in my building is unnecessarily tight. Anyway, Eva looks exactly like she did on the show (or as she does in her "My life as a Cover Girl" spots), although she's way taller than I expected (probably due to the boots). Sadly, this was the highlight of my day today.

Yesterday, as I was escorting MT around our fine city, I spotted Leon Hall, the bitchy dude who does awards-show commentary with Joan Rivers. He and a friend were looking at the windows at Bergdorf's and Leon was trying to guess the designer while his friend covered up the name on the window. Clearly this man has too much time on his hands.

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