Buy It: Gerbe Plumetis tights
Last weekend, I took an incredibly lovely, relaxing trip to the Fire Island weekend retreat of my friend Jen and her husband AP. We ate, we drank, we watched Animal Planet, and, during the downpour on Saturday afternoon, we all read. I had brought the latest issue of W, and while everyone in the house--men included--was into the story on cover-girl (and size 6 model) Lara Stone, what really caught my eye was a pair of sheer polka-dot tights that kept popping up in the fashion stories, particularly the breathtaking Sanctuary editorial. I was expecting the dreaded "stylist's own" credit for the tights, but, lo and behold, they're the Plumetis style by Gerbe and are readily available at I am generally not a huge fan of patterned tights, but the polka dots in these are subtle enough and won't make one's legs look like tree trunks. There's also no denying that they give a strong nod to the retro early-'80s look that's so prevalent in Paris right now, so even wearing these with a classic black dress is a way to try the trend without charging full-on into shoulder pads and sequins. It's also clever of Gerbe to call these sheer tights and not pantyhose, a term that tends to send people running. At $34.95, they're a solidly good buy, not to mention probably the least expensive item featured in W. Expect to see them on editors everywhere at Fashion Week next month.

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