This morning, Target hosted a press preview of the upcoming Rodarte Go International collection; I was not there, but Lucky was, and while they were forbidden to speak specifics, they say it's "beautiful, ethereal, and lacey, and won't be priced above $80." Also, Tavi was there. If, however, you'd like some photographic evidence, Racked has photos that Paper's blogger Julia Frakes posted on Twitter (and which she's since taken down). This is one of them.

Also, last week The Cut swung by Uniqlo's showroom to check out Jil Sander's +J line, which hits stores October 1st. They report prices start at $29.50 for accessories and go to $149.50 for outerwear. They also have a handy slide show of select looks; I think longtime Jil Sander enthusiasts will be, well, enthusiastic. The collection is very minimal but looks incredibly well cut; I have my eye on, among other things, these pants.

Coming later this week, I'll have a preview of the Anna Sheffield for Target jewelry line, which hits stores August 30th.

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