TheFind Guest Post: More Funky Tights From House of Holland For Pretty Polly!

Funky designer Henry Holland of UK label House of Holland is at it again with a new collection of tights for his revisited collaboration with Pretty Polly! Suspender-inspired, lacy knee patches, chain designs, and cheeky patterns make for a collection that's definitely sexier and more "look at me" than your traditional solid sheer styles. I like the mock suspender look of some of the styles, but they're definitely a little more on the lingerie side to be considered suitable for work! Also, if you were a fan of previous seasons' house patterns, you'll love this season's "Citights," which feature city-inspired patterns like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower. Personally, argyle, fishnet and striped are about as funky as I get when it comes to my own hosiery preferences, but I can still appreciate the fashion-forward edginess of innovative legwear! Based on her affinity for funky lace leggings and suggestive sheer patterns in lieu of pants, I already foresee Lady GaGa being spotted in one of these new styles in the near future!
- Alex Gambardella

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Sharon said...

These are sexy. I love them. Especially the third one over. I want them.

(The wedges are super cute too)