New York Fashion Week: Nautica Black Sail

Nautica Black Sail at Salon, Lincoln Center [02.07.14]

Menswear is on a whole more homogenous than womenswear, but I always enjoy attending at least one menswear show each season. In part to observe the most in-demand male runway models gradually grow up into men, season after season, stop motion style. And to revel at their names (Hampus Lück...amazing). But more importantly to catch anything new that's arisen in menswear, so I can start influencing my own man's wardrobe.

I managed to snag a 2nd row seat at Nautica Black Sail, which was great for real-time viewing but difficult for framing photos due to 1st row heads. Speaking of front row, there was only one celebrity that every photographer was bombarding. I had no idea who it was at the time thanks to the facial hair, but I later realized it was Emmett Cullen from Twilight (the dumbest Cullen). For you Twi-hards out there, he seemed incredibly personable.

Nautica opened the show with a fog machine, at which point I'm conditioned to expect a rock and roll band to descend, tongues out and axes high in the air. Instead a very standard male model appeared while the fog quickly dissipated. Though questionably anticlimactic, what ensued was a series of crazy ski goggles, mirrored sunglasses, nudity and...a handful of very chic and fresh feeling menswear pieces.

The pieces that stood out the most to me are marked in the captions below.

Queue fog machine.

Standout piece! Loved this coat.

I call this The Clark Kent...

...and The Superman.

You're welcome.
Gorgeous furry parka

Just enough metallic blue to fall in line with the trend, but not too clubby

Nice salmon color coat; chic zippers that may or may not function

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