Golden Globes report
I will fully admit that the only reason I watch all of these awards ceremonies is to see what people are wearing (and I'm sure I'm not alone, here). Hence my critique of the best- and worst-dressed:

Charlize Theron: This gorgeous, gorgeous woman wears the strangest colors (remember the pumpkin-colored Vera Wang she wore a few years ago to the Oscars?) and always looks incredibly amazing in them. This year? A graceful lemon chiffon Dior gown.
Cate Blanchett: She's pregnant and, in a ruby-red Donna Karan gown, managed to look better than 75% of the other actresses.
Uma Thurman: In floor-length bias cut lavender satin, is clearly better off without the grungy Ethan Hawke.
Gwen Stefani and Kim Cattrall: Both in vintage Valentino, illustrating the theory that they don't make 'em like they used to. Also, I can only hope that I look half as good as Kim Cattrall when I'm in my 40s.
Brittany Murphy: This is going to be a controversial pick, but I thought she looked very cute in her Dolce & Gabbana dress, and being engaged must be doing wonders for her, because she looked much less sickly (i.e. no undereye circles or sunken cheeks) than normal.
Sofia Coppola: Although I'm sure she's going to take a lot of crap for wearing flats (okay, okay, perhaps a round-toe heel would've been a better choice), I thought her sculptural, draped Alaia dress was refreshing.

Nicole Kidman: While I love how she takes fashion risks, her YSL gold pailette flapper dress, with its nude illusion fabric, reminded me of a figure skater's costume.
Sarah Jessica Parker: Sadly, her Chanel couture dress made her look like an '80s prom queen.
Jennifer Lopez: Her tangerine Michael Kors goddess dress clashed with her deep-bronze fake tan, making her look a bit overdone. Perhaps she wanted to appear subdued after the Big Breakup, but if I were her, I would've gone all Versace T&A. After all, she's still Jenny From the Block.
Jennifer Aniston: I love the girl, but she's stuck in a huge awards-show rut, i.e., black gown with plunging neckline. Suggestion: Try color. It looks good on you.
Renee Zellweger: While I applaud her for pouring her 30-lbs-heavier self into a Carolina Herrera cocktail dress, the cut, not to mention the horizontal stripe across the chest, was not flattering, especially on someone who appears to be carrying the weight on her top half.
Diane Keaton: We saw Something's Gotta Give. We know you have a hot bod, especially for a 50-something lady. Why the hell won't you show some skin? Come on, Annie Hall was nearly 30 years ago. Please move on from the menswear look.

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