In the papers (again)
NYDN: An analysis of Martha Stewart's trial wardrobe. The writer quotes one "jury consultant and former federal prosecutor" Walter Becker, who says that perhaps Martha shouldn't be carrying Hermes bags because, "If she puts up a barrier, like ... wearing a bag that no one else can afford, it may hurt that bonding process. She should try to put across the image that she's not greedy and she lives like a normal person." Um, hello, she's trying to prove that she didn't sell her stock under an insider-trading tip, not that she's a "normal person." Of course she's not normal--she's the head of a multimedia empire and she's worth millions and millions (if not billions). Where does this guy want her to shop? Kmart?

NYT: Another couture review from Cathy Horyn.

Voice: Lynn Yaeger finds that $30 on Bleecker Street doesn't go very far.

WWD: Couture reviews for Chanel and Versace and Lacroix. Plus: I can't tell you how psyched I am about the new Soho Bloomingdale's, set to open April 24. Now, if Bergdorf's will open a downtown location, I'll really have no reason to go above 23rd street.

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