Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
It's a special Golden Globes editon of E! Fashion Police! Thus, we have '80s prom queen Sarah Jessica Parker (to be fair, the dress looks a lot better in a still photograph than on TV); freshly-squeezed J.Lo; same ol' same ol' Jennifer Aniston; Maria Bello in a perplexing jumpsuit-style satin dress; Carson Kressly, who actually looks pretty cool except for his bedroom slippers; Scarlett Johansson in a sexy Stella McCartney gown that would've been ten times better in a different color (note: blondes should stay away from nude); Debra Messing in a goth pregnancy gown; Kim Cattrall in an amazing vintage Valentino; Jude Law is just damn hot; Sofia Coppola in a groovy Alaia (I'll forgive the flats, due to her allegedly broken toe); our March cover girl Elisha Cuthbert in a sweet '50s cocktail frock, which, again, would've been better in a color other than nude; Dominic Monaghan in a weird shiny suit (albeit, better than hairy hobbit feet); hot, hot mama Cate Blanchett in red Donna Karan; Uma in a beautiful lavender Versace; Nicole Kidman in her YSL misstep; and, finally, clear-cut fashion (and Best Actress) winner Charlize Theron in her light-as-air Dior. Whew!

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