Notes from all over
WWD: Joining the West Village migration is Christian Louboutin, who will open a new store on Horatio Street, which is the very street on which yours truly lives, this summer. The selection will be more "extreme" than what's found in his Madison Avenue store. Also, J.Crew will feature 16 bridal looks in its new catalog, out February 2. But lest J.Crew's preppy, college-age clientele freaks out, the formalwear will be presented casually, with flip-flops.

The Daily: Meghan Stier gives us highlights of last night's America's Next Top Model. She failed to mention, however, how hot Shandi looks with her new blonde 'do and contacts! My money's on Shandi, not pixie crybaby Catie. Also: yet another pair of pants that make your butt look good (hey, you can never have enough). See-through stuff.

Finally, a special shout-out to Mina, who was having a terrible week at work until she bought the famed Marc by Marc Jacobs lace-up boots at the Language warehouse sale. The next day, Mina found out that she was being moved to a new, Manhattan-based group. The lesson, kids? Buy nice shoes, change your karma.

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