I'm back
After two weeks of not working, I must say I'm feeling quite relaxed. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny in Honduras, and now here I am, back in NYC, where it's a positively balmy...38. Blah. Anyway, if you're looking for a new vacation spot, I'd highly recommend Roatan. It's in the Caribbean, off the northern coast of Honduras (it's technically part of Honduras), but unlike most of the other Caribbean islands, Roatan is very undeveloped and not touristy at all. Like, to reach our hotel (Luna Beach, where Temptation Island was filmed), we had to drive on a dirt road, then, when the road ended, on the beach. The beaches are beautiful, there's excellent snorkeling and diving (I went snorkeling and saw a bunch of tropical fish that we have in our aquarium at work!), and everything is dirt cheap--I had steak or lobster every night for dinner, usually for less than $12. Cheap and beautiful. Can you beat that?

So that's my plug for Roatan. While I'm plugging things, I bought this Juicy Couture tube dress and lived in it the entire vacation. It went from the beach to dinner to bars without a problem, and it's super-comfy. But enough about my vacation.

Onto the sales...

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