Object of desire
As you all know, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, and that idiom has, within the past few years, been extended to include boots as well. In last year's Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide, I told you all to buy equestrian boots. That trend was a bit slow to catch on last year, but this year, flats boots are all over the place. I am happy to hear this because 1) I like to wear short skirts, even in the winter, and I feel like a hooker if I wear a mini with high-heel boots, and 2) in my old age, I'm gravitating more toward flats. Also, I'm sticking with the boho-chic look for fall, so when I got an email from Saks with this Jimmy Choo flat boot in it, well, let's just say I had to sit on my hands so that I wouldn't buy it. While $900 is a reasonable amount to pay for, say, a new refrigerator or a couch, I can't bring myself to spend that on a pair of boots. (Well, I can, but I'm not going to.) But isn't it lovely? The perfect, caramel color...a rounded pointy toe...a subtle tassel for a boho-chic finish...soft suede that's sure to get a nice, slouchy shape with wear. Alas, they will not be mine. But you can be sure I'll spend all season looking for the perfect knockoff.

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