The best of 2019, part 2

I wrote 2020 for the first time today and wow, was that weird—it truly is a new decade! That said, 2019 ended just a few days ago and I’m still in recap mode. So while my year in review post from Tuesday was all about me, this one is all about you: what you browsed, clicked on, and bought. I obviously love data, and analyzing it helps me deliver more content that you’ll (hopefully) enjoy. Plus, it’s fun to see what you got! So without further ado, here’s how you shopped in 2019.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara blazer | H&M tee (similar here) | Free People Normani skirt | Staud Bissett bagGolden Goose Superstar sneakers

Most purchased
You guys clearly love a good slip skirt, as this was by far and away the number-one item you bought from Cheryl Shops in 2019. I’ve featured the Free People Normani skirt three times on this blog and it’s one of my most-worn items IRL too—it’s super chic, incredibly flattering, and surprisingly comfortable too. I own the French gray version but am considering black (and it comes in a bunch of more adventurous colors too). The best part? It’s under $100.

Most clicked
Clearly many of you were curious about my Golden Goose Superstar sneakers—or maybe it’s just because I feature them so often. Either way, they were the most-clicked item of the year, however the three-figure price tag obviously deterred a lot of you. That said, I wear mine all the time—not just on the blog—and think they’re worth the splurge.

Favorite category
On that note, you all click on and purchase more shoes than any other category. Footwear is obviously a favorite of mine too, but that leads me to this question: Are you already footwear lovers or is my enthusiasm just contagious? Either way, yay for shoes.

Favorite retailer
Again, this might be bias on my part, but you shopped Nordstrom more than any other site I’ve featured. I am clearly an enthusiastic and loyal Nordy’s customer, and have been ever since they came to Chicago when I was a teenager. And let’s not forget about their epic Anniversary Sale. Which brings me to…

Most popular shopping month
I was expecting it to be December—and that was the second most popular month—but thanks to the damage you all did during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, July was far and away your top spending month. Special shout-out to the person who bought 20+ items—you are my favorite reader!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Halogen cardigan (on sale again!) | Everlane tee | Frame jeans | A.P.C. sac demi-lune | Focalook necklace | Birkenstock Arizona sandals 

One more thing: most of the links on my blog are affiliate links, which means I receive a small payment when you click through and make a purchase. The income that these links generate allows me to continue bringing you inspiring, helpful content, so thank you for your continued support!


eva @StyleMyThrift said...

just bought a satin dress to upcycle into a satin skirt! i just have to try your look!

Tarequl said...

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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I am totally in love with silky skirts! Just bought a black one! Happy New Year Cheryl!

Mica said...

That skirt is beautiful I can see why so many people clicked on it, you wear it so well! :) Fun way to look back on the year!

Hope that you are having a great weekend :) We are safe from the bushfires still, and so thankful.

Away From Blue

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I am totally on board the slip skirt trend! And I love it paired with sneakers. I am thinking more people click to purchase shoes because you know that any style will work for you. I know I personally am hesitant to purchase clothes online unless it’s a retailer that I am very familiar with their fit and sizing. And some styles that may be new to me, I kind of want to try on before buying. But shoes almost always fit and look good! (That’s my little unsolicited data analysis. Haha) Thanks for sharing and linking up with me!


Alee said...

what about winters

alin said...

nice shoes

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You look beautiful

Aiza said...

still looks amazing.

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