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Being five-foot-seven and a single-digit size, finding clothes that fit and flatter me is not terribly difficult, and I will admit I take it for granted. Of course, like anyone, I have my issues--I'm extremely short-waisted for one--but all things considered, I have it pretty easy. For those of you who don't, here are two blogs that might come in handy.

When I hear "size 0," I tend to think of starved fashion victims. However, there are a lot of girls out there who are simply petite--shorter in stature and small-boned--and who are naturally this size, and, god almighty, do they have trouble shopping. Thankfully, the excellent blog Serafina is devoted to helping fellow petite women find clothes that fit. From what stores and websites stock small sizes to bridal-dress tips, Serafina is a thorough and well-written resource for the petite gals who love fashion.

On the other end of the spectrum, and far more typical nowadays, are plus-size women--after all, the average American woman is now a size 14. (Side note: By day, I work for a major retailer, and our fastest-growing business by far is women's plus-size clothing.) Considering this, it seems both nonsensical and frustrating that most "mainstream" women's fashion is only available in up to size 12, and plus size women are unfortunately relegated to their own departments or stores. To help you navagate this cold and lonely world however is the Plus Size Clothing Scoop, a blog devoted to highlighting sales, fashion finds, and new labels for girls with more to love. Plus-size girls may have the cards stacked against them, but the Scoop helps you play a better hand when it comes to fashion.


Anonymous said...

I think the mid-price brands are usually available to Misses 16 or 18 (eg Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Maggie London), it's the more higher price labels that stop at 12 (eg BCBG, Nanette Lepore, Carilyn Vaile).

I'm a size 16 and I rarely shop in the Plus Size department because the selection tends to be smaller, and the fit less form-fitting, and the Plus Size stores tend to overpriced and underfashionable for me.

I can't say I find it a "cold and lonely world" -- though it is one with fewer choices than your world, Cheryl -- but what I really feel disgruntled about is that the real flair and cheap price points are in Juniors clothing, which rarely has my size.

Anonymous said...

Being a size 14 I find two things extremely difficult: 1) finding jeans that aren't laden with stretch material (who wants to look like a sausage?); and 2) finding t-shirts that fit - either they cling to the back fat and are too short, or they look like I got them at a concert or Spencer Gifts.

I agree with Anonymous's comment - plus size stores and departments offer boring, shapeless, expensive clothes that make the divide between fat and skinny that much more obvious for us average size girls who fit into neither category.

Anonymous said...

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