Buy It: Tom Ford Private Blend Rollerball Set
I love Christmas for myriad reasons, but I take particular joy in paging through all of the gift catalogs I receive. I especially like the department-store catalogs, which are of thick paper stock and filled with gorgeous photographs of totally useless, often rhinestone-encrusted or fur-trimmed gift items. I wonder about the people who actually give most of these items, as well as the poor people who receive them; do the gifts get returned to the store, then marked down in after-Christmas clearance sales, or do they sit unused and unloved in the recipient's closet? One gift I'm always happy to receive, however, is fragrance; in recent years, I've become quite a perfume junkie, and I am always happy to sample a random collection of scents, or to receive a lotion-and-shower-gel set of my one of my favorites, since those are things I tend not to buy for myself. And every once in awhile, a gift set comes along that totally knocks my socks off. This year, that set is the Tom Ford Private Blend Rollerball Set, a collection of all twelve of Ford's pricey, hard-to-find Private Collection scents. You'll find all of them here, from Oud Wood to Tobacco Vanille (which, it should be noted, retail for $180 for the 1.7 ounce size), and while the fragrances tend to be pretty potent, I think mixing them would create even more unique, luxurious scents. The set is $225, which is not entirely unreasonable, especially for a holiday gift. I'm hoping Santa brings one for me.

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