Cheryl Shops...Araks & The News
After yesterday's Comme des Garcons debacle (and the fact that my boss called in sick today), I figured I deserved a lunchtime shopping trip, so I headed down to Soho. My first stop was the Araks sample sale, which is very well organized and populated with friendly, helpful workers. There are big bins of cotton undies and bras, all of which were $15; it's somewhat slim pickings in the Medium bin, but Small and Large particularly seemed to have more of a selection (the grass is always greener...). There are also matching bras, but only for sizes 36C and under. Fancier samples of silk and mesh undies, bras, camisoles, and slips are hanging on racks and were marked roughly $30 and up. There is also a small rack of clothing; I recognized a some of the looks from last spring's Araks runway show. There is a separate, private room off to the side if you want to try anything on; I ended up with two pairs of printed boy shorts ($15 each), which are cut generously and made of supersoft cotton that only gets better with age. The sale runs through 6:30 p.m. today, at 137 Grand St. (Lafayette & Crosby Sts.).

I then headed over to The News, a showroom which has on its roster a smattering of cool downtown labels. I was really excited about Boy by Band of Outsiders (or, as I like to call it, Boy Band of Outsiders), which makes my favorite button-down shirts, but the selection was a bit slim and the prices were not so great ($100 and up). However, everything else in the sale is cheapity-cheap, the location is huge, and the selection is vast--for women, at least (guys, unfortunately there are a scant two racks of clothes for you). Cheap Monday jeans are $10-$40, and most styles looked to be about $20. Clu tops and skirts are $30; dresses are $60 (I got a sweatshirt-type top and a super-awesome tulip skirt). There's quite a bit of Shipley & Halmos, but I didn't check prices (sorry); Walter dresses appeared to be mostly under $100. The best deals, however, are on Vena Cava: I could not find anything over $100, and we're talking $700 silk dresses here, some of which I swear I've seen on Blake Lively (or her alter ego, Serena van der Woodsen). There are several tables of accessories and jewelry that I didn't have time to peruse, as I was starting to feel guilty about taking a two-hour lunch, but I'm sure prices are reasonable. Another plus is that I saw a range of sizes in everything--this is clearly a sample and stock sale, which is nice for those of us who aren't exactly size 0 (but, hey, size 0s, there's plenty for you too!). Also, be warned: There is a fitting room that has a skinny mirror that makes you look absolutely fantastic in everything you put on; I had to talk myself out of several dresses that I didn't really need. The sale runs through tomorrow; hours are 10-6 today, 10-5 tomorrow; 495 Broadway (at Broome St.), 5th floor.


Anonymous said...

were there a lot of cheap monday jeans (skinny)? thinking about checking it out tomorrow

Cheryl said...

Yes, there were a ton of Cheap Monday jeans in a bunch of colors. If that's what you're after, it's definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

thanks ! i went today, i had no idea about the changing room! everyone getting down in their undies, hm. but i was pretty psyched about getting jeans for $10, awesome.