Buy It: Ben Amun coin necklace
The Long Island-based website sends me daily emails, usually about items they carry that C-list Hollywood starlets and celebutantes have been spotted wearing. And usually I delete them. However, recently they sent one announcing the arrival of Ben Amun jewelry, as seen on Kate Moss, and, you know, anything that Kate Moss wears is good enough for me. Fashionologie had actually reported on Kate and her new necklaces back in August, and I'd been keeping an eye out for them ever since. Looking like something she would've picked up whilst on vacation in Morocco, the necklaces fit so easily into that Kate Moss bohemian-rock-chic look that I try to emulate with varying degrees of success. Luckily, since Singer 22 so conveniently uses paparazzi photography as their product shots, it's easy to steal any star's style. Which brings me to the Ben Amun necklaces (before anyone points it out, yes, I know I missed the Ben Amun sample sale this week). I like the 36" silver coin necklace the best; it's $198, and the site is currently running at 20% off promo sitewide with code HOLIDAY20 through 12/25, conveniently bringing the price down to a totally manageable $158. Hey, it's a lot more affordable than Kate's Balenciaga bag.

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