The swimsuit question: to two-piece or not to two-piece
I have four beach trips scheduled this summer; one has come and gone, and the remaining three take place in August. Due to this high volume of beach-related activity, I've decided I need another swimsuit to add to my collection. I own a butterfly-print Shoshanna halter bikini, which is one of my absolute favorites; I own a basic black Calvin Klein tankini for active days (i.e. snorkeling, etc.); and I own a bikini I bought last year at Delia*s, which got severely faded on my trip to Roatan back in March, so that one's going in the rag pile. Now that swimwear is going on sale, I definitely think it's time to buy a new suit, but I'm wondering, now that I'm safely into my 30s, should I give up on bikinis?

I am okay with my body--it's not perfect, but I'm fairly happy with it, and while my abs are not rock-hard, they're at least flat. I also tend to get really tan on my stomach, which is why I prefer bikinis. I've also always associated one-piece swimsuits with my mom, who, although she doesn't need the camouflage at all, tends to favor ruched, skirted versions. (Although, come to think of it, she did rock some sexy ruffled one-shouldered numbers back in the late '70s and early '80s when I was a child.) Usually, I tend to go for cute, colorful, flirty styles, particularly those at Delia*s; I like the mix-and-match concept, I like the fact that they have a selection of tops in D-cup sizes, and I really like the prices (which are, yes, marked down at the moment).

But, like I said, I am getting up there in age, and, well, things are not as firm as they used to be. I wonder if it's time to start, simply put, covering that stuff up. There's also the question of support; finding bikini tops in which my boobs actually fit is a challenging endeavor, and based on my experience with tankinis, more coverage generally translates to better support. Also, there are some really hot retro one-pieces out there! I love the ruching on this J.Crew Jersey Lomellina suit, this Jets by Jessika Allen suit reminds me of my mom's cool '70s suits, and I am absolutely in love with Rachel Pally's Barbados Maillot (note to ER: I think this might be the one you sent me!).

So, I think it might be time to take the plunge--into a pool, into the ocean, in a one-piece. Sure, I will keep my bikini and tankini in the rotation, but it's always good to diversify, right?

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Emily said...

ok i think this is the one for sure! so glad you could find it!