Cheryl Shops Spring/Summer Shopping Guide: Sexy Espadrilles

There's something about espadrilles that's inherently not sexy. Maybe it's the fact that they're originally a shoe for peasants, maybe it's the earthy jute sole, or maybe it's the fact that they've evolved into chunky wedges, a style that, while comfortable, tends to make one's feet look like cement blocks. (And while I love a great wedge, ask any man and I can almost guarantee they will tell you wedges are just plain unsexy.) But this year, I've noticed a new breed of espadrilles that, gasp, actually have a separate, shapely heel. A high heel. Not only are they an evolution of this summer essential, they're also an evolution of the platform sandal, a style that, to my delight, just won't seem to go away. As an added bonus, many of the styles featured here are now on sale (I started this story before Memorial Day), so take advantage—after all, summer is just getting started.

YSL's Gipsy sandals have a fairly chunky heel, but the nude cage-like straps are decidedly sexy, with the vertical strap providing an extra-elongating effect and the contrasting heel drawing extra attention to one's feet. Which, if you ask me, is never a bad thing.

Also from YSL, and also called Gipsy, this style is even more overtly sexy, with ultra-bare straps and a daring red platform. This is a great option for someone whose style tends more toward the sophisticated, versus the bohemian.

These Lanvin espadrilles take the trend to another level entirely--for one, I had a hard time spotting the espadrille part (it's there though). For another, the two-tone snakeskin takes them to a whole other level of luxe.

The fact that these Tory Burch espadrilles are called Bradshaw is a pretty obvious reference, and yet I think Carrie herself would totally rock these out. The metallic color makes them a tiny bit trashy, and the 5-inch heel is hiiiigh, but this is Tory Burch we're talking about, and so there's something also simple and refined about them. I am glad these are finally on sale; they have summer party shoe written all over them.

If the above shoe is the Upper East Side, the Ashley espadrille from Schutz is totally Lower East Side. They're more than a bit funky, but with the sculpted heel, cutouts, and tomato-red color, they're sexy in that south-of-Delancey kind of way.

And while we're equating shoes with NYC neighborhoods, the Via Spiga Cain sandals might as well be the Village: in the middle of things, and appealing to pretty much everyone. Really, what's not to love about the bright shades and the simple buckle details?

I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of hilarious that Ivanka Trump makes shoes. That said, Ivanka is one of the classier Trumps, and her footwear manages to toe the line (pun intended) between trashy and tasteful. I actually quite like her Helios2 espadrilles, which are pretty neutral (hey, leopard is a neutral) but interesting too.
The Rachel Zoe-approved Baileysa espadrilles by BCBGeneration are pretty much a knockoff of the YSL style above, complete with the black heel, although not quite as sexy. Still, they're a solid contender, and a much more wallet-friendly option.

The Harajuku Lovers Kasi espadrille is the most budget-friendly option here and comes in a bunch of colors, although I like the red the best. As with most shoes at this price, it's made of synthetic leather, but the twisted T-strap is bare enough, and the pink sole gives a knockoffy nod to Monsieur Louboutin, patron saint of the sexy shoe.

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