Little White Dresses Under $100

Almost exactly two years ago, I was heading out to Montauk to get married. (Coincidentally, it was also an unseasonably cold, rainy weekend.) While my wedding was fantastic and magical, the months leading up to it were, to put it mildly, one of the most stressful periods of my life. I was one of those people who read too many wedding blogs and became obsessed with art-directing every last detail of my wedding; I nearly had a nervous breakdown over tablecloths. But although it seemed a bit loopy at the time, one of my best ideas was wearing all white dresses for the entire weekend of my wedding. Not only did everyone know I WAS THE BRIDE, GODDAMMIT, I ended up with a bunch of cute summer dresses, all of which are still in regular rotation in my closet, with the exception of my after-party dress, which suffered an untimely death via whiskey-and-pizza stains. (Hey, I hadn't eaten carbs in a month—give a girl a break!) I'm of the mind that one can never have too many little white dresses—they're the summer cousin of that perennial wardrobe classic, the little black dress—so here are a bunch of this year's favorites, all under $100.

1. Okay, so this Nasty Gal Summer Dreams dress is technically cream, not white, but close enough. It has subtle lace insets for built-in ventilation, and the babydoll cut means you can drink as many margaritas as you want and not have to worry about your stomach sticking out. It's also 100% cotton, which is key for breathability. 

2. I like this Topshop lace shift dress because it looks like something Twiggy would've worn in the '60s, but you'd almost never find a vintage dress in such pristine condition. I won't tell if you won't. 

3. Speaking of vintage, ModCloth totally leverages that aesthetic for its Zooey Deschanel-loving, social-media-savvy, twentysomething clientele. In fact, I could picture the New Girl herself wearing this sweet Coconuts for the Coast dress

4. This Dorothy Perkins maxi dress is like a unicorn: it's white, it's long, and it's beyond fabulous. It's also 100% cotton and, at $55, a total steal, so, yes, I've already ordered one. Warning to my friends: You're going to see a lot of this one this summer. 

5. Miss Selfridge always seemed like the UK's version of Wet Seal to me, but judging by the number of groovy boho-chic dresses on their website, perhaps they're repositioning themselves. This pom-pom lace dress is finished with such lovely details, it looks far more expensive than it is—a straight-up bargain at $80. 

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