In These Shoes: Frye Wyatt Disc Boots

The comedian Louis C.K. has a funny bit called "of course...but maybe," in which he addresses the ill logic behind political correctness. In spite of all the crazy crap that's been going on this this country the last few days, however, I'll stay away from politics, lest you, dear readers, be subjected to my diatribes on the injustices of the world. But I will borrow Louis' setup to talk about shoes. Or, more specifically, boots.

Of course it's in the mid-nineties in NYC this week (there I go again with the weather!). Of course, I mean, it's July! But considering Nordstrom's legendary anniversary sale is now on, maybe—maybe!—it's a good time to buy boots. The mere thought of putting your feet in boots might make you sweat, but, hey, you're getting them on sale in the pre-season, and come fall, you're going to wear them evrrrrwhrrr.

The pair in question is Frye's Wyatt Disc boots, which are very on-trend for the upcoming season in that they're short and embellished with a low heel. I like that the studs are rounded and more beat-up-looking, thankfully moving away from the faceted pyramid studs we've been seeing for seasons. Frye boots are typically made of really nice leather, and these have been artfully broken in already, which, as a Frye owner, I can tell you normally takes years (but is worth the effort). I like the shape of the shaft—between the width and the little dip at the front, they're practically made for wearing with skinny jeans, making Wyatt your go-to weekend boots. They're a slight investment at $218.90, but after the sale, they go up to the regular price of $327.95, which now makes them seem like a veritable bargain, right? Of course it's too hot for boots right this very minute, but maybe you'd be nuts to pass them up.

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