Lazy Shopping: Dream Birthday Gifts

My birthday was last week; everyone kept asking me what I wanted, and for the first time in what seemed like years, I had a hard time coming up with ideas. I am trying to--and, I think, succeeding at--buy fewer, albeit nicer things; for the time being, I'm also living in a smaller apartment, which I'm trying to keep as uncluttered as possible. (Ha, good luck.) So while I ended up with some great gifts--more on those in an upcoming post--here's my belated dream birthday shopping spree.

1. I have recently become addicted to Stella McCartney's not-totally-unaffordable lingerie line, and while this silk chemise is pushing things a bit in terms of price, I'd probably spend a proportionately large amount of time in it: in bed, asleep. 

2. I've been looking for a non-trashy pair of red pumps forever; I've also been wanting to buy a pair of iconic Ferragamo flats but I'm not exactly a flats person. How convenient, then, that this lovely pump manages to elegantly combine the two.

3. Bloggers love Vita Fede's jewelry, so, you know, here we are. I feel like these are a younger, cooler version of David Yurman bangles: sleeker, sexier, a little more dangerous.

4. In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm obsessed with body lotion, the richer the better. This Acqua di Parma cream is luxe to the point of near-ridiculousness, but isn't the point of a present being something you'd never actually buy for yourself?

5. I recently did a bit of leopard purging from my closet (I own a slightly alarming amount), but there's always room for one tiny clutch, right? 

6. The last thing my kitchen needs is more dishes--and these wouldn't match anything else in my apartment--but I'm obsessed with Scalamandre's classic designs, and I feel like eating my avocado toast on one of these every morning would be even more exciting. 

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