Sonnet 155, or an Ode to Marine Layer Pajama Pants

Skinny jeans look hot but can be so tight.
Begone, muffin top! I want to unwind.
Post work, on weekends, I don’t want to fight.
Off with you! Let’s banish the clothes that bind.

Where to find some magic pants? Comfy too?
Not at the mall stores; let us not tempt fate.
Support local business—that’s what to do.
A-ha! They’re made here in the Golden State.

Marine Layer, I’m a fan of your tees,
But these soft pajama pants take the cake.
Wide leg, drawstring, jersey, navy—yes, please!
A better, softer pant one cannot make.

But, fifty-four bucks for these? Ahem, cough.
Friends, use code NISH for twenty percent off.


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