Fashion Week: Project Runway Season 13 [09.05.14]

Until recently, I hadn't realized that showing photos of the final runway show is major spoilage for anyone whose favorite character in Project Runway is the clothing. So to be fair to those folks...SPOILER ALERT!

For the past three seasons, I've been invited to cover Project Runway at NYFW, and every time it's been a delight to cover so much new talent in one marathon runway show. But this is the first season I actually got myself up to speed with the television show before I showed up, and as can be expected it made a huge difference in how excited I felt. It was fun to spot some of the eliminated contestants too, like the love-him-or-hate-him beachy boy Mitchell. The collections had far more highlights than are shown below, so perhaps at a later time I will process and publish more images from this show.

The judges: Nina, Heidi, Emmy Rossum, and Zac

Char Glover

Emily Paine

So obviously f├Ąde zu grau

Love Kini Zamora's dramatic silhouettes

Alexander Knox

Korina Emmerich

Sandya Garg used amazingly flamboyant materials, as usual

My personal favorite, Sean Kelly, works his magic with fringe

Amanda Valentine

Tim Gunn gets roped into the ALS ice bucket challenge - SEE VIDEO HERE!
My favorite "loser" so far, Carrie Sleutskaya

Danielle Brooks, aka Taystee from Orange Is the New Black


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