Top 5 trends for fall 2017

While it officially became autumn almost a month ago, nearly every region in the country has been plagued by random heat waves and Indian summers because global warming. Hopefully it's starting to feel like fall wherever you are—San Francisco is finally getting cooler in the mornings, which is how I know the seasons are changing (yes, believe it or not, we do actually have seasons here). That also means it's time to shop for new fall clothes and accessories. Here are my five favorite trends for fall 2017, plus a bunch of options for every budget.

Plaid boyfriend blazer
At least some credit goes to Tibi for showing this look on the runway, but there's something quintessentially autumnal about a plaid blazer. This season's take is all about a slightly oversized boyfriend silhouette with a black-and-white glen plaid. I found mine at Zara, and it's nearly sold out,  but there are a ton other great options out there.

The "editorial" version of this trend is to wear it head to toe, which is tricky unless you're buying all of your outfit from the same designer—and who does that anyway? Plus, you kind of look like you're playing the devil in a movie where the costume budget is not so great. A way more realistic way to wear red is just a piece at a time, as I've done in several of my recent outfit posts.

Pleated midi skirt
There are about a gazillion pleated midi skirts out there now, and I want all of them, because they're incredibly flattering and so easy to wear. Granted, I'm a skirt person, but even if you aren't, this one is totally worth a try.

Zara pleated skirt (sold out in green), $69.90

Track pants
My favorite take on this trend is like if the brainiac and the jock got together and had a baby: sleek and tailored, but fun and flashy too. A little contrast stripe on the side gives you majorly elongated legs, and the slouchier the fit, the more comfy the pant. It's a winner! (Sorry, had to attempt a lame sports pun there.)

Pearl shoes
These are not your grandmother's pearls...because they're on your feet, which is an unconventional place to put them, but a fun one at that. You can find pearls on everything from a subtle heel of a boot to a more outrĂ© allover encrusted mule—there is literally something for everyone.

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