Holiday 2017 gift guide: dream gifts

And now, onto the most fun gift guide of the holiday 2017 season: gifts for ME! (Hey, this is my blog, and I can dream if I want to!) Here's what I've been lusting after this year. Warning: most of these are on the splurgy side, but, Santa Baby, I've been an awful good girl.

1. I thought I wanted a pair of Gucci Marmont loafers until I saw a coworker with these. Now they're the only shoes I can think about. Gucci is THE It label right now, but these will live forever.
Gucci Princetown mules $680

2. Lingua Franca's cashmere sweaters are like the Gen X version of those T-shirts that say "Rosé all day." Some of their slogans are a bit silly (like the ones that say "Original Gangster") but "Old School"—and the bright red color—suits me just fine.
Lingua Franca Old School sweater $360

3. These earrings have inspired a thousand knockoffs (including, um, the ones I featured in my gifts for women guide), and yet all I want is the real thing.
Annie Costello Brown arc earrings $205

4. I have a DSLR camera that I paid a small fortune for several years ago; it takes beautiful photos, however I rarely use it because it weighs like 8 pounds. I want to downgrade (or upgrade?) to this mirrorless camera, which bloggers rave about. If you can't beat 'em...
Canon EOS M6 camera $799

5. I live in an old Victorian, and my apartment gets incredibly cold and drafty in the winter. This faux-fur sleeping bag looks like the perfect solution, although I fear I'd be so warm and cozy, I'd never get up from the couch.
Cuddle Up faux-fur sleeping bag $199

6. I've been looking for a leopard-print coat forever; I have a vintage one that I love, but it's falling apart. I am really particular about leopard prints, and although this one is not quite right—it's faux fur, and I'd prefer a natural woven fabric—it's pretty darn close.
House of Harlow x Revolve Perry coat $278

7. I once bought this hand soap without checking the price, and I was too embarrassed to say anything, so I brought it home anyway. It literally changed my life—it's the only hand soap I've ever used that has not dried out my hands. The price is fairly ridiculous and yet somehow worth it.
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand wash $39

8. Speaking of ridiculous, does anyone really need a $400 hair dryer? Like, is this really better than a Babybliss or a Hot Tools? With its featherweight construction, near-silent fan, and shortened drying time, all reviews point to yes.
Dyson supersonic hair dryer $399

9. I am so methodical about my handbags, it usually takes me close to a year to make a decision. (I am a little OCD, I know.) I have been eyeing this one all year, and after seeing it on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, I think my decision has finally been made.
A.P.C. Demi-Lune bag $470

Coming next week: a last-minute gift guide for all the procrastinators out there!


Kelsey Bang said...

fun picks! I am liking that leopard print coat!

Carrie said...

I've been curious about that Dyson hair dryer. The price is really steep tho, ouch!! That leopard coat is a beauty!


keven john said...

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Michael Wade said...
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