Valentine's Day gift guide

Valentine's Day gifts have always been a little weird and unnecessary to me, unless you want to get me a Chanel bag, in which case, I prefer the medium lambskin in black with gold hardware. Anyhoo, I like the spirit of Valentine's Day, in that you should spend some quality time with your sweetie, but the "holiday" can also be awkward, especially when you're seated next to a couple that fights or barely talks throughout a three-course dinner. I also hate being forced to have an overpriced three-course meal with bad service, so I tend to stay home for Valentine's Day. Thus, in the spirit of Hygge, here are some gifts that the two of you can enjoy home.

1. First, let's set the mood with a little art. I think artwork is a great mutual gift, because you both get to enjoy it, and it lasts for a long time (and can maybe get passed down to subsequent generations). This lingerie print is sexy but cute, rather than creepy, as some boudoir art can be.
Un Peu Sexy by Jessica Durant $95

2. Next, you're not leaving the house, so may as well get comfy in matching bathrobes. Plus, they'll evoke the feeling of being in a fancy hotel!
I Love You bathrobe $150

3. These mugs say exactly what my boo and I text each other when we wake up apart from each other, and if you don't want to remind yourself of that schmoopy feeling, then you have a heart of stone.
Cathy's Concepts Good Morning mugs $34

4. Except you're not going to be drinking coffee, you're going to be drinking champagne. Not beer, champagne. Dom Perignon is my favorite, but Perrier-Jouet is a more budget-friendly option. Keep it chilled in this fancy-looking ice bucket.
Old Dutch double chiller $109

5. Have you ever thought about jumping into your Ugg boots, or is that just me? Either way, it's time to snuggle with your boo under (or on top of) this cozy sheepskin throw.
UGG double sheepskin throw $245

6. But before you get too, ahem, cozy, make sure you eat a little something, and when it comes to food, nothing is sexier—or tastier!—than caviar. This set comes with creme fraiche and blinis, but my favorite way to eat it is on potato chips, because I'm classy.
Kolikof caviar set $130


Nancy's Fashion Style said...

Nice items especially the art!

Clairejustine said...

Some lovely ideas here. Love the mugs :)

Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely weekend. Hope to see you Monday.

Angela said...

This is a great list!

Michelle said...

A bathrobe is a great idea for a gift! Love a personalized one