The ultimate classic outfit

Sheltering in place has made me reassess a lot of things in my life. For one, I've discovered the wonder of online workouts, which I now do every morning, much to my (and my wallet's) delight. For another, I've realized I'm actually not a bad cook, that I enjoy cooking, and that most of the time, what I cook is just as satisfying as ordering takeout (but when I do order takeout, I make it really count—like mind-blowing pizza or a super-juicy burger). I've also been taking a hard look at my wardrobe; I recently stripped out about 50 items that will soon be making their way to my Poshmark closet. What's left are things that I really, truly love; that I feel good wearing; that feel true to who I am right now. And something that will always feel right to me is the classic combination of a blazer, white tee, jeans, and heels. The proportions may change, but the components will always be the same. So let's break it down.

I kind of have a blazer problem, and I am doing something about it (e.g. Poshmark), but I feel good about where I've landed in terms of stripping things down. I bought this one during Everlane's recent 25% off everything sale; I'd had my eye on it for awhile and while it's reasonably priced already, the promo convinced me to go for it. I'm super glad I did. It's made from a high-quality wool with a herringbone pattern; it's lightweight enough that I can get away with wearing it most of the year here. I also love the oversized fit, which forgives a multitude of flaws including quarantine food babies, however it could be just a tiiiiiny bit more tailored in the body. (I am contemplating taking mine into the tailor for a little nip and tuck, once social distancing guidelines have relaxed.) I sized down to a 4 and maybe could have gone to a 2 since I have narrow shoulders. I don't know why Everlane runs so huge lately, but I am also not complaining.

Everlane also makes some of my favorite tees, including this air tee, which you last saw in Healdsburg. The cotton is indeed airy, with a nice drape to it, and so far it hasn't pilled or lost its shape. White tees tend to have a limited shelf-life, but I look forward to this one lasting as long as it can. Once some of my older tees wear out, I intend to stock up on this one in multiple colors, which, as I pointed out last week, I am totally ok with. The air tee runs true to size; I'm in my usual small.

I am very particular about my jeans, and I unequivocally love these. They're the stovepipe fit by Re/Done and I bought them after seeing them on one of my favorite influencers, the Working Girl. Re/Done takes vintage jeans and re-works them into specific fits, in this case a mid-rise, straight-leg cut. Unlike many of their jeans, this pair has stretch in it, and the denim is ridiculously soft. I was on a Zoom call and a friend of mine was like, "You're wearing jeans?!" but let me tell you, they're almost as comfy as sweats. I have had to unbutton the top button a couple times after dinner, but other than that, they're keeping me honest. One thing to note: these are not Sean's favorite jeans (I think they're not tight enough?) but that's not going to stop me from wearing them. They run true to size; I'm in a 28.

A classic look is nothing without classic accessories, and in this case, two of my go-tos are a chain-strap black bag and low-heeled, pointy-toe pumps. The former is my trusty Bobi bag from Jerome Dreyfuss, which I've had for years (you last saw it also in Healdsburg); I like to call it the poor woman's Chanel bag, since it takes cues from that classic. The latter are my Vionic Josie pumps, also last seen in, you guessed it, Healdsburg. I've been reaching for sneakers a lot during quarantine, but I will never let go of my pumps, especially when they're super comfy, as this pair is. The transition back to the real world will go a lot more smoothly in these shoes, and they run true to size (I'm in an 8.5).

OUTFIT DETAILS: Everlane oversized blazer | Everlane air tee | Re/Done comfort stretch Stovepipe jeans | Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag | Vionic Josie heels (c/o)


Elizabeth Walker said...

I love this style!

Gata Collins said...

This style is so chic!

Mica said...

I love a blazer and jeans outfit and it's nearly cold enough here to consider wearing that, even if I feel a little dressed up in it to work from home (we don't often do video calls just phone conferences usually).

I have been wearing pyjamas and loungewear mostly but I do agree if jeans have a nice bit of stretch in them they are super comfortable! I've been wearing some of my most comfortable jeans when I have wanted to put actual clothes on, haha!

Hope your week is off to a good start :) It's a busy week here with the kids back at school!

Away From Blue

Sherry said...

This is such a casual chic look. Love it!

Laura B said...

I'm so impressed you were able to clean out your closet so much! I hope you do well with all your poshmark listing!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Cheryl, this is such a great look! I am always a fan of a blazer with distressed jeans and fancy footwear. Your blazer is gorgeous. I am loving the fine tweed/herringbone pattern. Thanks for linking up.


Jessica Jannenga said...

I love a great blazer! This is a fun look, the distressed jeans look great. I haven't tried Everlane. The snakeskin shoes are the perfect amount of texture and print. I cleaned out my closet in the Fall/Winter and did the same for Spring keeping items I love. Poshmark is tough to sell though! whew!
thanks for linking!
jess xx said...

I love a classic blazer and jeans combination! Those Vionic shoes are super chic too. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Ryan Axel said...

Wow!! Your style is awesome!!
I like it!!
The Persuasion Master