How to wear all black in summer

Let me guess: you're thinking, "You don't look dressed for summer," which could be true if I lived anywhere else in the country but San Francisco, where summer means fog, wind, and temperatures that hit the mid-60s if we're lucky. Earlier in the day when we shot this, it was glorious and sunny (we ate brunch outside and I actually got a little sweaty), but sure enough, late afternoon rolled around and so did the clouds. So long story short, always bring a sweater, which thankfully I did. That said, even if you don't live in San Francisco and, say, have to deal with blasting air-conditioning all season, this outfit will also work. While it's definitely a little dressier than what I've been wearing lately, it's also incredibly comfy (and can be even more laid-back with a change of shoes). Here's how to put it all together.

My comfort zone is somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit; I'm sweating bullets if it's warmer than that, and I'm reaching for a sweater if it's any cooler. Living in SF, the latter is usually the case, so I almost always have a sweater or jacket with me (Sean jokes that this is my #1 rule). Even in summer—like places that have actual summer—I like to have something airy with me, just in case. This Halogen cardigan is just what the doctor ordered. It's a linen blend that's light and breathable, but it's substantial enough to keep you just warm enough. (I like to think of it as the summer cousin of my go-to long cashmere cardigan, also by Halogen.) I am also really into longer sweaters lately; I'm leaning into the whole loungewear vibe of 2020, and there's just something so comforting (and bathrobe-like?) about a long, drapey cardigan. This one runs true to size—I'm in my usual size small.

This dress, which you've seen several times before—last on New Year's Eve—was on the chopping block recently, and I almost gave it up to The Real Real for consignment. In my mind, it's a dressy dress, and well, I have no occasions to dress up for in the foreseeable future, plus I pictured it as being kind of clingy and as I mentioned last week, I've put on a few extra pounds. But I caught myself almost buying something very similar, so I rescued this one and, lo and behold, it fits even better than I remember, plus it's comfy AF. It is clingy, but the ruching at the waist is super flattering, and I love that it hits just above the most flattering (i.e. the thinnest) part of my leg. I wore it earlier in the day with sneakers while I was running errands, thankful that I didn't give it away. This dress is by IRO, which is one of my favorite brands, and it's several years old, but I've linked a more recent version below. I'm in a medium—I almost always size up in French brands. 

Also good for running errands: this Keebos iPhone case. It has a little pocket in the back where I keep my ID and credit card (no one in SF is taking cash anymore!), and it's so lightweight, I forget that I even have it on. You last saw it with my tiered midi skirt and I've probably carried it a hundred times since then! 

And, ok, I kind of lied, since I'm not wearing all black—obviously these boots are white, and perhaps a bit unexpected for summer, but since my feet tend to freeze when the temperature drops, they seemed like a smart choice. I also love how they pop against the rest of my outfit. You last saw these boots with a shorter dress, and if I haven't proven to you that they go with pretty much everything, I suppose there are always sweatpants. Although I'm pretty sure they'll go with those too. :) Just a reminder that Calla's boots are made for people with bunions and run a bit differently than regular shoes, so pay attention to the measurements on their site—I take a half size smaller than usual. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Halogen cardigan | Iro dress (recent version here) | Keebos iPhone case (c/o) | Calla Camila boots (c/o)


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I am the same as you!Weather wise! And I also loooove a monochrome black outfit!

The Invisible Insomniac said...

I totally get you, I have a jumper or cardi with me at all times, my family constantly mocks me when we are on holiday, but as soon as there is a bit of shade, brrrr. Lovely outfit too, love the white boots with the black :)

Straight A Style said...

You nailed it, and I just love those white booties!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Laura B said...

So chic! I love the all black and those white booties together!

Sherry said...

So chic, fabulous and timeless! Love it! Hope you're having a great week!

the 4 M's said...

I have worn all black this summer but with shorter layers because it is too hot over here! All black always looks so stylish!

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

I'm always cold, so this is the perfect summer outfit for me! I love the all black with those white booties!


Shelbee on the Edge said...

Well, I am a big fan of all black any time of year! This outfit is so chic and looks incredibly comfortable, too. And those white boots are perfect for a little punch! My husband and I spent a day in San Francisco on our honeymoon ten years ago (in August) and I do recall the weather being super fickle for summer. It was so windy that you definitely needed layers especially when we were sitting outside to dine. And I am like you, my comfort zone in temperatures is about 65-70. Any cooler and I am shivering fool. Any warmer and I may sweat to death! Oh I do want to come back to San Francisco one day! Thanks for linking up!


Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi Cheryl
Pretty pics with the flowers! I get in the mood for black on ocassion and its much hotter right now. Love the white boots with the sleek black look.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You are the ultimate San Francisco fashionista as you always nail breezy cool CALIFORNIAN style and I have heard the temps are chilly for Summer in SF. And I am glad you didn't get rid of that dress. I am currently doing a 10 for 10 STYLE CHALLENGE and I included a simple c-neck black t-shirt dress, too. =)

Welcome by and join my Sunday Showcase today! =)) Thank You.


Mica said...

Such a great way to do a monochrome black outfit! it's so nice you kept that dress as it looks so good on you - and I really like the boots with it! :)

Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

Away From Blue