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Here we are in November, the second to last month in a year that has seemingly dragged on forever and yet flew by at the same time. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much ready to skip straight to New Year's Eve and wrap this thing up. Of course, there's a certain matter to attend here in the United States today, November 3rd. I voted weeks ago by mail—we've been doing it for years here in California, so all of the controversy seemed a bit unnecessary to me—but will pretty much be glued to the TV tonight (and possibly for days afterward) until we have a president. I am a weeee bit anxious about all of this, not to mention Covid anxiety, job/financial anxiety, family-member's-upcoming-surgery anxiety, and anxiety about my anxiety. I am trying to hold it together the best that I can, so for me that means exercise and meditation every morning, eating as many vegetables as I can (easier said than done), CBD every night, and doing things that bring me joy. And right now, the thing that's bringing the most joy is wearing this pair of red suede Calla loafers with everything in my freaking closet. 

As longtime Cheryl Shops readers know, I'm a huge fan of Calla shoes. They are made specially for people with bunions (I have two on my right foot), and they are the comfiest shoes I own. But they're just as chic as they are comfy, and so I decided to push myself slightly out of my comfort zone this season with this bright red suede loafer. Red is a color that I love in small doses, and these shoes have just the right amount to make whatever you're wearing really pop. I love that these look like a posh slipper, tassel and all; I feel like a fancy lady when I wear them. They run true to size; I'm in a 38.5 and did I mention how ridiculously comfortable they are? 

Speaking of ridiculously comfortable, this Banana Republic dress feels like a nightgown made out of thick T-shirt material. I saw the dress in Banana's window downtown, then went home and ordered it online, and lo and behold, it was on major sale. (One more time for the people in the back: never pay full price for anything at Banana Republic!) I'm pretty sure it's a knockoff of an Isabel Marant dress from a few years back, but I'm not mad at that. The side ruching is super flattering too. This dress fits a little more loosely than the typical body-con knit style, but then again, that could just be Banana running big, as it tends to do (I'm in a size small here). I can't wait to wear this with a long cardigan sweater and some ankle boots in winter—it's a good three-season dress.

It's still blazer weather here (although probably not for long), so I broke out my trusty Frame jacket, which you last saw with jeans and very dark roots. (And yes, my roots are dark again, but I'm working on it.) The blazer obviously makes this outfit a little more dressed up; I'd wear this to the office if I were going back to it sometime before summer 2021. But I've barely been wearing my blazers and I miss them, so I thought it would be nice to take this one for a spin. I'm also realizing that I need to get the sleeves shortened on this one; I feel like I look like a kid wearing their dad's jacket. That said, this jacket does run pretty true to size, with a slightly generous cut through the arms; I'm in a medium. 

I know it's slightly old-fashioned to match one's shoes with their bag, but I saved up my babysitting money for months to buy this Coach purse back in the 90s, and nearly 30 years later, it still brings me joy. You last saw this bag with a leopard midi skirt, back in the days before I learned how to properly white-balance my photos, hence my bizarre strawberry-blonde hair. Anyway, matchy-matchy or not, I like how the red bag makes the red shoes feel a little more intentional. Some things are just better together, right?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Frame blazer | Banana Republic dress | Vintage Coach bag (current version here) | Calla Maggie loafers (c/o)


the 4 M's said...

I love red shoes! Such an easy way to add a pop of color.

Laura B said...

Those are stunning shoes! I love the tassel too!

Avec Amber said...

I am in love with these red loafers! They are just the right shade of red!

I hope you are having a great week!


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hellen said...

Thanks for sharing this post, love your outfits!


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

That looks very good! makes me want to wear my red ankle boots now!

Jessica Jannenga said...

I do love those red shoes and comfort is key! THe dress is one I am going to have to look up! Like the simplicity and the rusching. Your red details are perfect too, the lipcolor and bag. I know what you mean about anxiety these days!
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I sometimes like it when your handbag matches your shoes! And you have done that perfectly and kept it modern. These shoes are beautiful! I love the shade of red and the cute little tassel detail. Such a great fall outfit, too. Thanks for linking.


stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Those loafers are gorgeous! I love red shoes and wouldn't hesitate to match them with a red bag! The whole outfit is so stylish - the red accents look fab against the neutrals. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Mica said...

What a cute grey dress on you and such fun accessories! I really like how the red pops with the neutrals and I like being a bit old fashioned and matchy matchy with my shoes and bag sometimes too! I don't have as many bright shoes as I do bags though, haha!

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a great weekend :)

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